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Gritos Dulces
Darth Vegas Lyrics

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Michael Lira

0:22 Gritos Dulces1:44-1:53
una ensalada de ojos
gritos ????
reido sus cabezas echas estalla apagado 2:27-244 estan consiguiendo mas cerca ,

puedo oírlos respirar.
usted la oye?
espiritu necrofago

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shaun tenzenmen

I don't get the Bungle comparisons. Darth Vegas delve far more into film soundtrack styles. Why does music with lots of changes and styles automatically bring a Bungle comparison?

Rene Robichaud

Listen the entire Bungle disco volante album, you'll hear lots of soundtrack style there

Maus Person

I don't get how you don't get the Bungle comparisons. It's as plain as the nose on the face of a very big nosed person.

Leif Merrow

Sounds like a demo take from Disco Volante 

Ken Howell

It's rare these days but this music makes me happy.


I thought there's no one like Mr. Bungle. I was wrong. I love the musical contrasts!


This is extremely awesome, the entire album is great, purchase the album people, Darth Vegas will destroy you.

Chance Trewet

For all you Darth Vegas lovers out there: you should check out Mr Bungle...... They're just tops

Jocelyn NieNova

'cause Mr. Bungle is/was a precursor of avant-garde music, they were mixing Metal and Jazz just like Darth Vegas do. And Mike Patton, the leader of the band, also did film-based soundtrack in an album called "The Director's Cut" with his band Fantômas


Mr bungle without mike patton .

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