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The Happy Organ
Dave "Baby" Cortez Lyrics

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Harry Knackers

This song is so far ahead of its time, the world still hasn't caught up.

Kristopher Guilbault

@The'Loan Ranger are u really the lone ranger? My Father worked at a place where he gave out business loans so his handle on everything was always the "Loan" Ranger lol

The'Loan Ranger

Is your name really Harry Knackers?? What the frick...


Truely the epitome of rock'n'roll. It just makes you happy right down to your toenails. Mr. Cortez is still living, and I'd like to give him a shout out from 1959. Still playing your music. Best wishes from California.

John Dalzell

My favorite song as a small child. Now at 66, I still love it.

Scott Hayes

I really like this song, I was born in 1982, I wasn't even around when it was first released.

paul BFields

Me too.. I was too young to read but old enough to put records on the RCA HiFi.. so I put a sticker on the side I liked when my older brothers would play it so I could remember which I liked. I had to be four years old.. 1960

John Deere86

It will never get old.

Queen Unicorn

I'm 28 and loved 4his song as a baby and still do

Mr. Ramfan

I hear that....

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