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Sandy's Painting
Dave Beegle Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I enjoy music like this, but honestly this is one of my favorites. It has such a distinct sound and emotion, it sets itself apart from an already unique genre. Thank you for this song

Stacia Ry

This song does something to me, to my soul. I love it!! I wanta blare it as I sit naked & create! XO Thank you Dave Beegle

Carlos Solís

Genial !!!... Es refrescante, esperanzador... te lleva a un lindo lugar de la imaginación


Soul-stirring.....I love going into a trance on this beautiful music I wish it never ends ! Thanks for the video.

Michael Jensen

A real troubadour! You flow, run through the colors. Like Sandy's horse you music leaps and gallops, trots and canters, finds a way beyond the here and now. Thanks both of you, Dave and Sandy, for sharing such beauty!

Ayslla Linhares

Eu amo essa melodia!

Gregory Todd Smith

As a musician I am in awe. As a human I am captivated and moved by this music. Thank you Dave for your muse.

Light Warriors

@1:43 is when the true majestic is unleashed....I wish I could just listen to those chords in a look on repeat. Beautiful piece brother, keep pickin

Alison Fennell

Exquisite music - soothing and expressive - I love it! Thank you Dave

Red Jury

I've had the good fortune to see Dave perform LIVE in several Colorado cities and have ALWAYS left the venue feeling inspired \m/

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