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Rodney Yates
David Holmes Lyrics

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Christopher Bordelon

To whomever asked about the instruments used in this piece of music, the following were used. Drum Kit, Electric Bass, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano with Wah pedal, Marimba or Vibraphone and Electric Guitar with SFX, Synthesizer. Im sure they used all kinds of mixers, effects pedals and other things to get this groovy sound. Really impressed with Mr David Holmes. I knew of his music before Ocean's 11. It just has that sound that sticks with you and gives you that I can take on the world feeling or at least it does me. Hope everyone else enjoys this sound

Ruple Thaker

& Agree.


I agree. For this track to be 20 years old. It still gives me chills. Classic music. This track pushed me to learn about David Holmes.


You forgot the standup bass


airport music, casino music, just anywhere where there are a shit tonne of people and you can walk among everyone banging this song in your ears like you have some badass hidden agenda

Massimo Pizzingrilli

io sono un 76 mi sembra vogliamo tutti tornare li' !! haha


I always play this when I’m in Vegas

cobbles the horse

Its nice and deep,ideal for hoovering with a 60s Electrolux model 2 delta turbo with the chromed headed soft touch bristle distributor.i don't like discotheques


I have unliked and then like the comment again

a secret agent

“Now all I need is the toblerone and the Fanta from duty free, and the plan is a go”

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