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Cristofori's Dream
David Lanz Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by David Lanz:

A Whiter Shade Of Pale teray pyaar mein dil haar kay main nay kya paaya kya gawaya …
Behind the Waterfall あなただけ今見てる もう会えなくなるから Anata dake ima miteru mou aenaku naru k…
Bus Stop Bus stop, wet day She's there, I say Please share my umbrell…
Dark Horse Did you forget about me? How you gon' forget about me? Sho…
I'll Follow The Sun One day, you'll look To see I've gone But tomorrow may rai…
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear It came upon the midnight clear That glorious song of old …
O Little Town Of Bethlehem Oh little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee…

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0:01 lonely, bleak, sad, wandering, lost
0:24 hope, dreams, imagination
0:45 intensifying the dreams
1:06 a journey begins
1:36 bliss
1:43 a partner joins the journey in harmony, happiness
2:01 working through challenge of relationships
2:10 passion
2:26 love
2:55 self reflection
3:12 catastrophe
3:20 hope
3:39 reconciliation
3:50 determination
4:09 reminiscing
4:28 loss
4:42 sadness
5:12 hurt
5:29 alone
5:38 peace
5:44 expiration

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Mike Quinn

We call this Kelsey's song. Our daughter died as a baby and we played this at her memorial service in 1992. I couldn't hear it without crying for years. Now, I can listen and it brings good feelings. I picture myself dancing with her at all the different stages of her life. She would be twenty-eight now. We last danced at her wedding (in my Imagination) such a Timeless classic

Eddie Navarro

So sorry for your loss...Godspeed and my best to you and yours.


@Fishical Education stay strong. It will never pass but we are here for you. Always. Love you.

Mike Quinn

@Fishical Education the feeling is mutual...

Mike Quinn

@Fishical Education ouch, I am truly sorry for your loss, too.

Mike Quinn

@Stephanie Bacher- thank you!

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Laurel Rhinehardt

I first listened to this song as a little girl when my mother played it out of her old music collection, and fell in love. In my mind, I saw myself in a wedding gown, dancing with the man of my dreams. I felt light and beautiful, almost like a dream. I was devastated when, not a week later, her CD collection was ruined and I could no longer listen to it. Years and years later, I heard it in a whisper of a dream as I awoke one morning and couldn't for the life of me remember the title or composer of the track, only that dreamlike beauty of it. I searched and searched and searched, and eventually gave up on the idea of finding out who wrote the song in my dreams.

Now, nearly a decade thereafter, I happen across Christophori's Dream and find myself swept along once again in that wedding fantasy, in the dream I once had as a child.

Thank you, YouTube, for returning to me what I thought time had stolen. Thank you.


What a wonderful memory Laruel, mine was with my Father in his lab at work at 8ish yrs old, I never spoke of it but the experience of a blood draw was unknown, I blacked out, quickly recovering saw it was just a regular first blood draw(but then I remembered those lonely pristine almost forsaken) images, and I quickly drew to

Merek Cook

Wow this is the most poetic comment I've heard

emma mahaffey

Why did this make me emotional reading while listening to the song. Beautiful

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