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Górecki: Symphony No.3: Il Lento E Largo
David Zinman Dawn Upshaw & London Sinfonietta Lyrics

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Joshua Sands

I've loved this song for a long time. I used to listen to it with my grandma when I was young. She was a proud supporter of the arts. Now that she's gone, this song always brings a tear to my eye... It was very moving to hear it in beautiful boy.

ken james

Dawn Upchurch is regarded as the best version.


Oh Joshua, what a loving tribute to your grandma! I don't believe she's really "gone" because she is still with you, in your heart and in your mind. And I believe you are still with her! What a good man you are, Joshua, remembering your grandmother! You are her "beautiful boy" (although I have never seen the film) I too am a grandma, and a proud supporter of the arts! I am blessed with 2 grand-daughters, and FIVE grandsons! The recording with Dawn Upshaw is the one to get!
Thank you for lifting my spirits with your beautiful comments! The world needs more Joshuas like you :)) !

Bugowiaki Terespol

The symphony was created under the influence of words engraved by Helena Błażusiak on the wall of prison cell number 3 of the Palace guesthouse, the seat of the German Gestapo in the occupied city of Zakopane, Poland: "Mom, don't cry, no. Heaven, Pure Queen, you always support me. Hail Mary". The girl was captured on September 25, 1944 by the Germans.


This song reminds me of how far out of trauma I’ve walked, how significant the journey is, and the peace I am finding on the outside.

Eliana Oguin

Is anyone else listening to this because of Beautiful Boy?

Sydney Moutsatson


Michael Bingham-Hawk

@krazybubbler I wonder if Dawn Upshaw gets paid every time the song is used?


It's featured in "The Crown" S02E07 as well. That's why I am here now ;) What a masterpiece

rudi fripont


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