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The Candle
by Deep Puddle Dynamics

Folding… folding hues folding deep thin air devoured its seeding
A droplet sears the stillness of space dissolved
Carry a flicker wavers its light breath seeping through shapes solved heaving about shade after been shaved
Gentle, swimming, formless
Nature of nature, busting in flames
Growing, silent fury of element glowing, eternity ripples reaching for capture
Found… oxygen, needy of… oxygen
Folding hues of perfect white silk in flowing
A gentle yellow overlaps a pole vault silhouette past
Dancing edges orange by fusing the warmth glimmers
Casing of winds spinning shadows between the fragile brilliance of its shed and passionate tear
Doused, roaring tender toward immortal brakes
Replenished to brinks
Disappeared prisoner to its purity, and nothing more
Prisoner to its pure

I'm tired of being hard headed, being in sweat-imbedded with my past self-regretted
How I used to chill, climbing down the molehill
I've made of my innate inner child (still laugh at me)
But the future ain't as bight at the bottom
And eminence is not a problem. I've [?]better voyeurs[?] than the days of Shakespeare
My poems pour problems
Here's to what I've become
The sun will always provide some inspiration
But still I'm a figure in a museum
I remain in the muses to madman's innovation
Please remove my finger from your chest
These words were not made to seal your lyrics of ignorance
If this sludge was ever left, I'm emphatic, inadequate in this
Till' I can once again become fathomed
Wish I could grasp my torso, but it slipped through my hands, like my hands
It all comes hand in hand with primitive grip by there I grope
Angrily, bubbling, its changing me, my whole outlook
Hey ma look at me, no form!
Where I am on the notebook
I'm not romantic as half the man I was in my last endeavor
The rest of you, shut up!
I lack the ability to pull myself back together

Nature of nature, bursting
The sun will always be there to provide some inspiration
Clarifying cobwebs and corners give me that warm feeling
Contained chaos replaced with natural gracefulness

Nature of nature, bursting
The sun will always be there to provide some inspiration
Clarifying cobwebs and corners give me that warm feeling
Ahh the contained chaos replaced with natural gracefulness

Being surrounded by wax you'd swear I was a DJ
Living this nocturnal life, I never see the light of day (so may)
I wander through my enwrapped body to try and find
The pinnacle of my presence
My totally pure state of mind
On the topic cheated
Only in darkness, I'm truly living for my immediate partner
For the light, he was born forgiven
Standing tall and thin you can't really make out my mask
The life span I was handed is disappearing depressingly fast
I've seen 40 nights, but can't recall any days
My peak is starting curled
Connecting with the wind, it sways
I interact with my cohorts to illuminate various faces
Mastered, meeting my match on a regular basis
I wait while the second hand keeps moving and stopping
Surrounding cylinders are quickly dripping and sopping
Bleeding puddles in which I envision my own reflection
Growing closer to the ground level, section by section
Previously I stood erect. How I long for a dusk or dawn of yesternights
Witnessing people's rights, and people's wrongs
Symphony playing in the background to elevate my mood, I compact
Becoming well aware that my ending existence is a fact
Thoughts flash back of being closer to the ceiling
Clarifying cobwebs and corners give me that warm feeling
Feeling cheated for all the energy that I relinquished
Hear my dying cry as my soul is slowly extinguished

You can count on me to hold steady letting you drip
Down on me, whenever you're ready to shed a glimpse
Of light on whatever the situation is
The contained chaos replaced with natural gracefulness
I've felt them come and go
You ain't different than the rest of them
Different colors, different scented ones
Nothing changes but the aura, and I only notice a slight rendering
Yet it secures my existence; my usefulness depends on them
And I'm immobile, inanimate, a feeble decoration
For this inadequate planet I took no part in creating
So I make my reality
Consume my space
To play an intricate role behind those shadows on your face
(Foundation) Never needed to be the shine
(Illumination) and I'm content with my place and time
(Affiliation) Reap desire, hunger for solidarity
Traces of your visit and departure, scattered
My heart is matted with your remains
But nothing matters next to the factor that fashions how we're arranged (how we're arranged)
It's all deranged, how your smile's really a frown (got me ‘round)
Cause' once you burn up, down (down)
I'll still be around

It's like that

Contributed by Isabella J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.

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