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Oh Susquehanna!
Defiance Ohio Lyrics

We walk at the paths at the banks of the mighty Susquehanna, with our feet made muddy by your tributaries that trickle their way to the Chesapeake. It's like we follow I-83 down to harbor cities with strip malls and tar-mac, people swirling and teeming. It seemed so exciting, but now it seems like such a blight.

I grew up near Kentucky's Mt. Zion Road and all that was there was some old cemetery. All I wanted [was] to be able to walk to the store. Now I don't live there but there's too many stores, some apartments, and a Sunoco.

And I wonder, what did they do with the bodies? [2x]

Oh, Susquehanna! [4x]

And I miss that place behind my house where I hiked and climbed and played, where I ditched this noisy century or just hid out from the decade. M-I homes thought it could stand to be updated, forced it all into a grid until it looked like the funny pages. With every trace of life, it seems, confined within a frame, the faces move from day to day but the strips all look the same. And the punch lines are resoundingly unfunny for those trapped in this architecture of easy money.

And I feel like this could all come to no good. The kids who populate these cul-de-sacs will never know what stood beneath those cookie cutter houses: fields and streams and woods. They'll sit in cars and wait for mom to drive them out of this boring neighborhood.

Oh, Susquehanna! [4x]
And I wonder, what did they do with the bodies? [2x]

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Comments from YouTube:

cody gardner

How can a song make me miss a place I've never been to?


Swamp Flower bout 7 years late on this one, bruh.

Swamp Flower

cody gardner Living along the Susquehanna, there’s nothing here to miss.

Havoks Gaming And Videos

58 people will never know what stood beneath those cookie cutter houses

Zack eh

man, seeing Defiance Ohio play this song with hundreds of other punks yelling these lyrics out at PIX fest is definitely one of the highlights of my summer.

Simon J

that sounds incredible

Matt Mahoney

when you're 31, you break up with your fiance, and put in 2 weeks notice at the job you've been at for 8 years in the same week, the sad songs you listened to as a teenager are still there waiting for you


I grew up in a town near the Susquehanna. There is a cemetery that was hit by a flood and the caskets came and opened. I didn't see it happen., it was during my parents youth. But I have seen the place and it just fills me up with joy that this song exists.

Grant Bassett

@Duke Lavis hahaha dude, my buddy showed me this shit and i saw you commented! We will have to kick it soon and skate it up man!

Cpt. CPT

@Duke Lavis hahahah punks always find each other somehow

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