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Dense & Pika Lyrics

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Glass Harp Ferra Hey, you've lost yourself to what you were afraid o…
Samra Jetzt sagen sie „Habibi“ und fragen, wie's mir geht Immer nu…

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Comments from YouTube:


I dropped this at around 4am at a warehouse party soon after it came out. The crowd lost their damned minds, what a classic.


I recently moved to Berlin and discovered Techno for the first time in my life. And i stumbled upon this. I never thought Techno could be this beautiful. Oh god...the melody. I'll buy this track for sure, Dense & Pika. Thank you for this.


This is definitely techno, and if it weren't for the piano, we would all agree that it's techno. Dense & Pika are techno artists, and everything about this track (again, besides the piano) is techno.

Koen De Winne

@akzelander go to house party and technoparty and bring a metronome


lol @ everyone who thinks this is house. this is clearly techno. the sound aesthetic and the groove is what makes the genres. not a piano sound. the groove is very straight, not much swing going on and soundwise it's distorted, heavy, industrial. i would label this as techno or dub techno. house (even tech house) is way more bouncy (more swing, usually more shuffling percussive elements) and much cleaner soundwise. again i'm talking about the aesthetic of the sound, not the sounds used.

Koen De Winne



@techyes yea yea whatever

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abcd efgh

❤ Altera tu estado emocional hacia la melancolía, pero a la vez te impulsa hacia arriba, y eso es mucho 💚

Vicki Bolokhovets

I´ve been searching for this song for Weeks and finally I´ve found this masterpiece of a song
Thank you guys for such a beautiful and for me inspirational song
<3 <3 <3

Adrian Tyler

Like a well trained pigeon, I make sure to return at least once a day.

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