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Underworld Dreams
Der Blaue Reiter Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


o começo dessa musica é de outra coisa não é?você sabe o nome ?

ab cd

"Flower duet" - Lakme (opera) is in the beginning of this song


Our Jimmies are Eternal. They cannot be removed.

cnb itl

based and redpilled


It is indeed a refernce to another video, where there's a picture of a koala some two other 'cute' animals which I don't exactly remember, and then this song playing over it. "My jimmies are rustled" is a meme of sorts, much along "My gears are grinding". It is an expression of severe frustration.


HELL yess

Nick C.

Fly away, Pac-Man. Fly away...!

sun ra ra

Sun Ra might illuminate them!!!


Shh... only dreams now.

Loyd Morris

My jimmies are now unrustled

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