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Desiree Kläukens Lyrics

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Apoteket Apan Jag har blivit utbränd släckt och tänd igen För det var…
Calexico Through the gardens and fields ‘neath the tall green grass Y…
Illuminate Reiße Daine Wurzeln aus dem Boden des gelobten Lands! Versc…

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Comments from YouTube:


I wish you’d mention that this is not the traditional forkball, the one that was popularized prior to Roger Craig’s splitter. Your forkball is thrown with no spin. The traditional forkball has top spin.

The traditional forkball requires larger hands than your version and was thrown with a very similar grip but the ball came out with top spin. Created by halving the ball at center mass (or slightly lower) and flipping the ball forward letting the ball tumble forward as the friction from the split fingers hold onto the bottom half of the baseball very slightly at release.

Josh Metteauer

I played HS baseball and just a little bit of college ball and the fork was my go-to pitch. Just like this video described, it was my strike out pitch and when it was working it was nasty. I was a soft throwing left hander, and used this pitch to set up my fastball. It was slightly slower than a curve ball that I threw. Most of the time I could get by with the fork ball and fast ball.


I was a hard throwing righty and regret not throwing the forkball more. It would tumble 12-6 or even come out with no spin like a knuckleball. I threw it same arm speed as my fastball and found it easy to control. I should have relied on it more.


Hey Coach Madden, I was curious what your thoughts are on top velocity and their approach when it comes to pitching and pitching mechanics?


I loved throwing a forkball with the same arm speed as my fastball. Then I could control it and it would tumble 12 to 6. Awesome pitch.


Speaking from experience since I can throw both they are useful at different times
For me at least the splitter is more of a fast change up with sharp downward movement it is accurate and I can shoot the corner
On the other hand my forkball is about 15mph slower than my fastball and is more of a pitch I use in an 0-2 or 1-2 count as I can’t really hit the corners that often


Hey John I have a question about throwing with different arm angles,I've been a over the top pitcher my entire life(17yo)and recently I've turned into a sidearm pitcher.In games I've decided to throw from both angles,over the top and submarine.I can throw 4 pitches from both my question is what would be the best course of action should I keep throwing from both angles when I'm pitching or just from one.ive had great success with both angles especially put together but I seem to loose my groove(accuracy) a lot quicker and I get tired a lot last thing I'm a starting pitcher typically so should I become more of a reliever because of my endurance?Would greatly appreciate if you answer my question

Certified Black

Good luck not injuring your arm w that sidearm


nothing short of amazing! thanks! Ive always wondered wtf was throwing and why it looked like a knuckleball

Clark Kent

Hey coach madden, I was just released to throw bullpens from my second ACL surgery and after my first bullpen I topped at 86. I was wondering what you suggest for me to do to gain velocity and how to strengthen my legs. Also what can I do to fully use my legs, I am not pushing off when pitching but I’m using all arm. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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