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Mother Hunger
Die Sektor Lyrics

born from the scars of your god
fist first aborting the world
dead and cold the umbilical chain
was wrapped around my throat

man eating man were killing to feed
my blood compulsion will drown out your pleas
a deathbred cleansing of your disease
your innocence is bleeding as you sleep

heaven decayed
we burn the slaves
fools bound by nails
dying impaled

in your death throes
shallow grave dispose
in the end everything looks frozen
dream of reality
a plastic deity
slaving to a shit swallowing fallacy

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Comments from YouTube:


First time I hear this song.

How did I live my life before this moment?

Andrew Bates

Your life used to suck. Now it doesn't :) Job done!

Andrew Bates

Clearly, you have just discovered true life. Enjoy :)
P.S, If you don't already know them, Listen to "Die Krupps" next!

Andrew Bates

In a sorry state of ignorance!


Amazing track! Can't ever get tired of it!


Świetnie stonowany utwór :)


Great stuff, One of my favorites from Die Sektor.


can't ... describe ... how... i feel! so...many... constricted emotions..... GOD DAMMIT I LOVE THIS

Max Kyuuketsuki

die sektor is true music.... i love their stuff


Niepokojące, tajemnicze, psychodeliczne... oscyluje na wyższym poziomie świadomości x)

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