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Die Warzau Lyrics

Wake up wanting
Why should I?
Watch the face identify
The Presidential conversation
As it's presented to the nation

Cowboy eyes distract from lies
Synthesizing genocide
As he explains just what we knew
Made up expressly for our review

Don't find it fair myself
But as I should prepare myself
For being one of everyone
Who thought this painted clown had won

It all feels like fear to me
My index of misery
It's higher than a red birds song
As I suspect I don't belong

I know that I'm a real bad driver
Dispassion as a system
I know that I'm a real bad driver
There's blood on the linoleum

Back to sleep while I decide
If I should join or try to fight
Fall asleep and stay that way
Valium or a different way

We think that we're part of this
But all debates are mostly miss
The hits are far between and then
They often lose the point again

Backseat stare is all I give
I tried to play the system with
The same machines that I detest
And I'm no better than the rest

Laziness I fail to see
Why you have afflicted me
When I could be driving faster
Avoiding certain field disasters

Cultured and so civilized
A way to say and critics rise
That you are subhuman too
And this is what we'll do to you

Is this amazing
If you want it
It's not so crazy
If you want it

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