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Worst Comes To Worst
Dilated Peoples Lyrics

Worst come to worst my peoples come first

Some people got good friends
At night I live my life right
Intense, on the edge
On the wild
I'm from the group where friction leads to fire
Stack your bricks, the time is take your pick
Do or don't, the track Alchemist
My life is good, I got my peeps in the mix, so
Worst come to worst my people come first

I got worldwide family all over the Earth
And I worry bout em all for whatever it's worth
From the birth to the hearse, the streets, the guns burst
Words I disperse are here to free minds
And if mine are needy I need to feed mine
When worst come to worst

Set up shop and write a verse
Actually that's best come to best
My lyrics take care of me, they therapy
Get shit off my chest
Extra stress, three-four over the score
Different patterns of rhymin prepare me for war
So next time you see us we'll be deadly on tour

Word up, if worst comes to worst, I make whole crews disperse
You know it's family first
Gifted Unlimited with Dilated Peoples
Babu, Evidence, Iriscience
And a shout out to my man Alchemist on the trizzack

I'm a glutton for the truth, even though truth hurts
I've studied with my peoples on streets and in church
We make it hard when we go on first
Long road, honor of the samurai code
These California streets ain't paved with gold
Worst comes to worst

I got them back, at the end of the day
We could go our seperate ways but the songs remains
It won't change
Got my target locked at range
I might switch gears but first I switch lanes
Without my people I got nothing to gain, that's why

Special victims unit, catalyst for movement
Creates to devastate, since '84 show improvement
Definitely Dilated Peoples comes first
Cross-training spar, we raise the bar
And we put it in your ear no matter who you are

Worst come to worst my peoples come first

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Comments from YouTube:


This song always been dope!

Big Gleem Records

Added this as a classic first to my underground playlist aha its got ova 3500 songs in it so far.

Rene Wolfinger

@Róger hip Hop is dead


@Pete Thong go somewhere then and stop hating, community is everything

Pete Thong

Naa man, too soft.

Jack Wilson

@Budabing Budaboom you high as a a muzha

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If you're a Gang Starr fan, you get mad chills when GURU comes in.

Chris E

Straight goose bumps!

King Ramesez

If you miss that creative 90s sound then ✔ out my tracks...I specialize in making old school-style hip hop...!!!👍🏾🎤🎧📀🎶💣🔥


On my soul.. I love Guru

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