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Super Mario Bros. Underworld Rock OC ReMix
Dimmer Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Dimmer:

Bless We came as a favour To pick up the blind To look…
Can't Cut Through Built you up With a slip of the tongue And there you…
Cold Water Score giver Form rater Name maker Note taker Tell taler Nays…
Comfortable You look so comfortable Like a chair for sitting in Or a…
Dark Night Of Yourself I was knocking on your door while you were shouting…
Degrees of Existence It's just degrees of existence Whatever you're in for Whatev…
Evolution All that is up to now Is your evolution All that has…
Nowhere I Want I've been hearing all kinds of history Got scared by ghosts…
Too Far Gone To Care And you're too far gone to care Your shoes hardly have…
What Would I Do What would i do without you to look over me? Where…

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Comments from YouTube:

Your Pal, Kiba

Damn.. I remember listening to this one back in 2004.

Pollution Lake Media

Hey guys, I am the creator of this track (dimmer). Check out my channel for the HD version which will have better audio quality (if you care about that). I haven't done any more VG remixes lately, but have some original material on my channel as well, check out the stuff by Brainwashed Proper Citizens. Thanks!


Best remix! :D


This is what all them Goombas headbang to,


wasn't this used on a mario movie on newgrounds or something? i recognize the theme from something from there...


There are definitely some pipe noises at 1:05, give him the benefit of the doubt.


Every time I download this song and try to listen to it on my ipod it skips to the next song when the pipe noises start. I want to hear the whole thing but it won't let me. I tried downloading from different mirrors but they all do the same thing! anyone know what's wrong and how to fix it? I really wanna listen to it anytime! :(




ROAD TRIP!!! plays

OverClocked ReMix: Video Game Music Community

I would just delete the song from the iPod and DL it fresh. Hopefully deleting it, then putting it back on can solve the issue then. Good luck!

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