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Synthesize Me
Diorama Lyrics

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synthesize me
make me your love and hate machine
and i can serve you better
start the true
emotion scheme
till i'm no longer forced
to keep my vital functions

synthesize me
and reboot
i need to start again
i need to make it different
all unguarded
all without
the will to play along
benumb its futile feelers

synthesize me
wash away
the trash i'm piling up
to mesmerize the moments
i'll drop the needle
my settings work
no stunted interactions
no doubts no paranoia

i'm half-alive
my skin is intact
i'm only staring at the blade

i'm half-alive
my skin is intact
i'm only staring at the blade

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mario marianof

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Synthesize me
Make me your love and hate machine
And I can serve you better
Start the true
Emotion scheme
Till I'm no longer forced
To keep my vital functions

Synthesize me
And reboot
I need to start again
I need to make it different
All unguarded
All without
The will to play along
Benumb its futile feelers

I'm half-alive
My skin is intact
I'm only staring at the blade

Synthesize me
Wash away
The trash I'm piling up
To mesmerize the moments
I'll drop the needle
My settings work
No stunted interactions
No doubts no paranoia

I'm half-alive
My skin is intact
I'm only staring at the blade

All comments from YouTube:

Raphael Charroux

10 years later, this song is still so addictive and great !

oogity-boogity woogity

Back then they only had 5,000 views. Glad they're getting the recognition they deserve.

José Ángel Sánchez Chávez

Completamente de acuerdo, 10 años despúes vine por los mismo, grandiosa y magnifica pieza... =)

Raven Bellum

this song is addictive and Diorama always deliver good songs, they deserve all the supports- buy their albums and tell your friends and everyone about them


Equilibrio perfeito entre EBM e Synthpop...forte e impressionante!!!

Desierto's Cacti

Cheers to Diorama from Greece, love them and this song is one of my favorites ever.


Nothing can replace the joy and pride you feel when you hear for the first time a great song!

Spin'glass Hydra

Wonderful...! I found this by accident, but I love it. There are some retro 90's Goth attributes to this song, that usually make an instant classic in my mind: but, then my mind is different...!

Margie Ann

2020 and I am just now finding this song. 🤣 I am feeling complete now.

Simon Jäger

@ Margie Ann One year later hearing secondradio in Leipzig, this Song, WGT 2021 , Angie & Sascha all Thanks giving 🙏🦇🦄💖

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