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Sugar Baby
Dock Boggs Lyrics

Oh I've got no sugar baby now
All I can do is to seek peace with you
And I can't get along this a-way
Can't get along this a-way

All I can do, I've said all I can say
I'll send it to your mama next payday
Send you to your mama next payday.

I got no use for the red rockin' chair,
I've got no honey baby now
Got no sugar baby now

Who'll rock the cradle, who'll sing the song
Who'll rock the cradle when I'm gone
Who'll rock the cradle when I'm gone?
I'll rock the cradle, I'll sing the song
I'll rock the cradle when you gone.

It's all I can do
It's all I can say,
I will send you to your mama next payday

Laid her in the shade, give her every dime I made
What more could a poor boy do
What more could a poor boy do?

Oh Ive got no honey baby now
Got no sugar baby now

Said all I can say, I've done all I can do
And I cant make a living with you
Can't make a living with you

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Comments from YouTube:

Laura Sisk

Dock Boggs was my uncle. His sister was my great-grandmother.

Jupiter in Aries

@Bunny PomPom indeed! So do some of my friends. They look at me weird cuz I listen to this “hill billy” music. But if they’d just really listen they’d hear the depth of emotion in his songs.


Laura, I'm a university researcher back in little old England. If ever you had the time, I'd love to have a chat with you about Dock. His music made a big impression here to this day! :D

Bego Prdo

God bless you i am from bosnia we love his work


any stories you wouldnt mind telling??

Emil Becker

He truly is one of a kind, love to your culture from norway

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Man, I LOVE the banjo pickin' in this one - masterful.


One of my all time favourite songs. But I like the way he sang it back in the ‘30s better than how he sang it here.

Thomas Humphries

So good to hear his style of singing combined with playing....nothing like it since..

Doug Link

His version is the best one I've heard, I like his roll so I learned it. Simple tune and simple but very beautiful roll he uses. I can replicate it on the banjo. But his voice is impossible to replicate ha Very special. My favorite Banjo player along with Erbsen, Scruggs, and Seager

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