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Look Into The Future
Dolphin's Talk Lyrics

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Journey Look into the future where would it be Space between the…

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Comments from YouTube:


saving the dolphin from the sharks just to get it caught (die?) by the great octopus, deep in a dark scary cave............

Tara Nolte

The octopus flings it away.


lmao, you're just supposed to let that other dolphin die?! that poor dolphin omg


Nah, the octopus doesn't eat dolphins. Just grabs them and throws them back. It hurts, but it's not fatal.

TopKek Lordie

Welcome to sea version of dark souls xD


@TracphoneNinja Yup. He seemed excited about the "cave of secrets" too =(


Late response on my part, but thanks! I'm glad you liked it.


"We need to work together :D!" The dolphin get caught and you go into the other cave c: That's team work :D! Yay!


you didnt do alot of stuff, what about the riddle the mama dolphin gives ecco, does anyone know where tt hidded cove place is????? I'm tyring to find it, but its hard!


@stroyernation Thanks! And good luck =P

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