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So Much Soul
Doobie J Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Jelly Roll

I know this is a little different for me, but I’m wondering if this should make the album or not. Y’all let me know below.


This is absolutely Brilliant

amanda hill

This is beautiful. My friend just sent me this. Damn I'm lost for words but wanna say so much

Mirkel Aubrey

my goodness jelly, this song is so profound , sagacious with your words and music.... definitely pulling me thru my own stumbling block. i appreciate you..

Kelli Ford

A man do that shit I love this song says alot in just 4 min. Dont stop keep pushing

Breena L

Finding you, your music and your family, I know I was supposed to find you now. You’re here to sing to others like me, those like us that can’t express those feelings. Every beautiful word you sing is so touching it feels as if I’m healing. Nothing else like it. You are helping our damaged souls and am forever devoted to you and yours thanks to Raven’s knowing how incredible your words are. Jelly, take this song and sing the hell out of it! It’s made me stronger!

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Chris Martinelli

Coming from a musicians stand point, this song really hits home for me! There are so many people out there who are going through the struggle! I advise you to definitely put this song on the album! I even believe it should be the name of the album as well! It really sends a message! Props to you!

Ed Diaz

Dude, you have blown my mind out of planet Earth and caught me emotionally off guard. You are so incredibly talented brother. God bless you for being so raw and open


I realize I'm late to the party but, holy hell, this good.

T Mad710

Youre just in time

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