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Father Don't Cry
Doubting Thomas Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Father Don't Cry' by these artists:

אברהם פריד I will never forget the night I saw my father…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Doubting Thomas:

Clocks hej hou hej hou mám pupek jako Santa Claus. Když zakopnu, ta…

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Comments from YouTube:

Tantric Tarzan

Such a shame that Goettel left us too early. I would have love to follow the progression his music would have taken..... such an amazing album!

Vincent Sander

If u like this Puppy side project also check out Cyberaktif - Nothing Stays


This track makes me very happy!


Doubting Thomas has the best use of movie lines/samples I've ever heard. They replace the need for actual lyrics. And they're chilling. "Then with your permission, I will enlighten you!" I don't even know what that's from, and I really don't care. It gives the verbal side of your brain such a delicious jolt.

Ragland James

The use of Freeez’s “IOU”’s synth sample was fkn wicked good.

Digital Bat

"Soundtracks to movies that didn't exist" 💜

Vincent Sander

Eldeecue It's from The Pit and the Pendulum as are most of the samples. Movie based on the Poe story.

Troy Michael

This, in my opinion, is Dwayne and Cevin's true masterpiece ... a one of a kind album.

Sqwash Silver

Always did love this album

tiddyirwin are so right.! grew up on this shit as a 13yr old stoner back in the early 90's! only just found it again. still sounds good, no matter how much things have progressed since then.

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