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Big Sky Theory
Dozer Lyrics

Say it once
Let the weight
Drop dead
Well I should…

Wonder why
Don’t dare
Let your grief
Well I could invite you all in this war…

Arms control
A waste
Just a wreck
No spare
Let it fold…

So refuse
To die
Broken clouds
The end is nigh
Well we could invite you all in this war…

This end won’t justify the means
The truth has been a little bent
Your men will turn into machines
Is that the letter of intent?

And still we march right into war
Like serpents trying to feel warmth
And soon it all will just implode
This nuclear storm will leave you cold…

Contributed by Mason B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I have listened the first time to this song and also album, when I read Call of Cthulhu from H. P. Lovecraft. Man this two together kick ass. Everytime I listen to this, I also remember the mysticysm of Lovecraft, just like when I am listening to Aenima from Tool, I remember Dostoevskys Crime and Punishment. Plain simple: awesome song and lyrics.


These guys are awesome. They were recommended to me because I'm a huge fan of The Sword, and they were spot on.

Fredo Bellic

This is a masterpiece.


2020 anybody? Quarantine made me come back to this so many times . Memories

Travis Walker

Yep. Love this song, one of the most nostalgia-inducing melodies I've ever heard.

powderedtoast man

Ripping some right now next to an epic fire in the middle of nowhere..........epicccccxcx


Right now!!


Years later and this song is still being blow in my room XD. Heavy yet so relaxing at the same time. Great fucking song :D

Ana Garcia de Mascarenhas

this band is so good

Diego Cieni

My favorite song from Dozer. Extremely hard to pick just one, but I've made my mind!

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