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Eridan Falls
by Drakkar

(M: Beretta/L: Beretta, Cappellari)

"War!" is the word on all lips after a century of peace
Fires burnin' into the night, soon clouds will cover the sky
(Bridge 1:)
We stand together now to face the evil hordes
Marching united, we're drawing our swords
This is our vow
We'll never bow
Maybe we're all gonna die...
But we fight!
Death is what you see on the ground, look at the fields around
Screams are the only sound, crossing the shields we shout
(Bridge 2:)
We're still together but we're falling one by one
A god is on their side, our power's not enough
Silence is fallin' around, covers the land like a shroud
Too quickly Eridan falls, we're not so strong or so bold... Now
(Bridge 3:)
We stood together, knowing not it was in vain
So many warriors have died along the way
This was our vow
We'll never bow
Maybe we're all gonna die...

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