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Drunken Tiger Lyrics

Tiger, Tiger drop, dropping topics
Toxicate, toxicated
Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, drop, dropping topics
Tiger, drop, drop, drop, dropping topics
Toxicated, Tiger dropping topics (yo)

1990년 거꾸로 시간 가는 반주
Play button에 청춘 벤자민의 단추
시대는 황금기 두세 번 생각하는 말투
It's timeless 죽지 않는 영혼에 불타는
Drunken Tiger 랍티미스트의 리듬 안개치는
(바다) 바다 바람이 갈라지는 time travel
어차피 다 똑같애 두 눈 감고 갈 때에는
죽을 땐 빌린 이 몸 흙이 되는 time table
꿈에 한가운데는 폭풍의 눈 아직 괴로운
주위를 맴돌지만 닿게 돼있어 나의 aim
나의 태몽처럼 포효하는 나의 이름
I'ma stick 'em in their eyes so they can see where I'm coming from

It's timeless (timeless), it's timeless (timeless)
It's timeless (timeless), it's timeless (timeless)
It's timeless (timeless), it's timeless (timeless)
It's timeless (timeless), it's timeless (timeless) (yo)

하나 둘 (셋) 거꾸로 돌아가는 반주
Play button에 마술 같은 벤자민의 단추
산천을 화폭에 담은 화가에 나누기
계산이 필요 없는 정선의 산수
주변에 나무 이제 본모습을 감춘
산은 산 물물 아닌 사대강의 정치
천지 오늘도 맑은 미세먼지
연기 아니 땐 굴뚝 밑에 번진
뜬소문 부러져버린 노랑 연필 yeah
시간이 말해줄 원인 결과의 법칙
(RM) 두세 번 생각하는 말투
Play button에 마술 같은 벤자민에 단추

It's timeless (timeless), it's timeless (timeless)
It's timeless (timeless), it's timeless (timeless)
It's timeless (timeless), it's timeless (timeless)
It's timeless (timeless), RM, it's timeless

눌러 벤자민의 단추 with DT의 엄지손가락
혀를 지나 목구멍으로 넘어가는 순간
I remember 6번 줄 없는 통기타
이젠 너무 많이 특별해진 eight forty-five
Yeah remember 예술이 그런 거지 뭐
아무 의미 없는 시간에 생명을 불어넣는 거
좋건 싫건 당신의 삶은 전시됐지만
누군가에겐 평생을 함께할 곡이겠지 아마
누구의 술잔 누구의 편의점
누구의 노스페이스 지금은 팔고 없지만
You got what I'm sayin'
Your whole life was a damn concert
그리고 좋건 싫건 you raised another monster
This album be the last, but it will forever last
Things gon' be a past, but fest post to be fast
Hope it for the best, but see you already blessed
All you spit was blast, so don't you worry dad
You ain't dead (it's timeless, timeless)

It's timeless (timeless)
It's timeless (timeless), it's timeless (timeless)
It's timeless (timeless), it's timeless (timeless)
It's timeless (timeless), it's toxicated (timeless)

Yeah, you know that time will tell
Lay low, just feel the vibe, yeah, RM, JK
Some things just never change

W-w-what? (what?)

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Loptimist, Tiger Jk, Namjun Kim

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Ari Yuna

Fun fact as an ARMY (BTS fan)

I knew DrunkenTigerJK before I knew BTS.
Because Tiger JK did the OST song "Reset" of an kdrama.

His music is amazing.
Sure, I don't count myself as a fan of him, but I listened to some of his work.

I like that he choose RM for this collab.
It sound amazing!

All comments from YouTube:

Sonny Li

This right here is Namjoon's roots. Idk why most of Namjoon's work are so underappreciated. He deserves so much more love. Tiger JK and Namjoon made a masterpiece imo.


It is because bts is too popular


Because people just ignores him because he is form of idol although he still makes every album themselves


Was just coming to drop this link because people saying Sexy Nukim isn't their style, when songs like that, this, Buckubucku, etc are EXACTLY his style when I saw your comment. Let's keep helping share so people can understand that songs like Timeless are gold.

Skye Fortalejo


no twerking in this house

@E M
Finally someone mentioning it !

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Meredith Laurent

This song is soooo goooooood and these lyrics: "You raised another monster." That respect from RM to Tiger JK!!!

sophie bloom

@Love Yourself i see, thank you !!!

Love Yourself

@sophie bloom DT is lagend so he's like monster in khiphop, when RM said ''you raised another monster'', its mean DT is big influence for himself. Rm called himself 'another monster' in here.

sophie bloom

May i know what does it means? It means drunken tigee give a huge influence in khiphop?

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