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Rebel Rouser
by Duane Eddy


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Donna McQueen

My former husband played a guitar and stole my heart playing this song. I was 14 and he was 17. Much later we married and had 6 children. He's passed on, but we shared 22 years together! I've moved on, but I still miss him.

Francis Drake

Mam, I don't know if there's an afterlife, but I sure hope there is. I'm glad to the bottom of my ole dark heart that you made the most of what you had. If you hadn't, I guess you wouldn't miss him.


Donna McQueen what a nice story,

Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman

That's awesome! Hope those 22 years were filled with love and warmth :)


@Stephanie Gentry So then the divorce is another thing? Is he a cheatin' heart? A lyin, no good, low down, can't pay the rent, drunken dog? No good for ya, but still love him? Hope not, that can be rough. I was in mine for 8 official, 12 basically the same without paperwork, 14 as a start. I just wasn't keeping her happy, amazing how long that can perpetuate without knowing (massive introvert artist, she's lucky she got as much out of me as she did frankly). Separated amicably thankfully, you just have to know what is best for each other, or yourself if you both aren't being realistic about it. Good luck and don''t fall back into the trap if that is what it is. ;)

Stephanie Gentry

My husband and I are soon to be divorced after 25 years. He knows I love this song and sent it to me. I love him today with a passion

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"Who in the hell is that?"
"Forrest Gump, Just the local idiot."

Jim Lahey

Francis Drake agreed

Francis Drake

@Jim Lahey They always do. I've seen it all over. They always delete their comments. Humans haven't changed one damn bit.


end and ....that changed his whole life forever

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