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Ugly Woman
by Duke Of Iron

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Roaring Lion If you want to be happy and live a king's…

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Comments from YouTube:

Piano Playa

I think this is the best version of this rather silly song! The copyright information, though, is clearly false: the How to Cut and Paste version is derived from this recording, originally from a concert recording organized by Alan Lomax Calypso at Midnight from 1946.

Btw, if you want to hear something completely different from the same event, check out Stone Cold Dead In The Market.

Really Really Really Really Really Really Bad Juju

"i don't consider you so special to warrant the effort" LOL, cool it with the attitude pal

Jackson Landers

Man, fuck the Lomaxes. Fucking thieves and con-men. And Pete Seegar, too. Claiming copyright of Guantanamera and suing native people for recording their own song. All bad people.

Jon Meyer

Oh all right.

Piano Playa

Just to fix a potential misunderstanding - I wasn't writing to you in particular, but rather to the potential audience. I don't know you and don't consider you so special to warrant the effort. Hope this helps! Cheers.

Jon Meyer


Эвелина Фомина

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Jon Meyer

I can't understand what your saying.

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