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Night Club 1960
Duoba Lyrics

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Tory Berch

Dr Savica I can't thank you enough for your presentation. I had no idea foot eversion equalled dystonia.I had a very bad sudden fall last year when I stepped off my back porch. My right foot inverted and I fell in such a way that I not only broke my ankle but 3 toes as well. I'm still waiting for my Neurologist to diagnose me for Parkinson's but I have no doubt I have. I take Levodopa and it has helped with my intense leg pain to both legs. I wish you were my Dr 👍


Excellent program. Thanks for offering this.


Excellent program. Thanks for offering it.

Anna Smith

My doctor feels that I have most of the symptoms for Parkinson’s. I had a DAT scan done and will get results Wednesday.

Tory Berch

Anna, may I ask what your results were?

Gotties Gorrillas

Good luck

Anna Smith

What age are you talking about? Onset for younger?

leche flan


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Annalisa Patrick

I am 41 and am experiencing The symptoms of early onset parkinson's if they have to cook part of my brain to sleep normally again I would do it