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E.S. Posthumus Lyrics

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Dominus Mentis

This song makes me think of the feeling when you face a fear, and realize there wasn't anything to fear at all.

Ian O'Donoghue

Fear me!

Elisa I. S.

Me too!!! I released so many heavy emotions and I feel absolute freedom, peace and faith, this song is my beautiful companion. ❤️

Ronix Studio

DBZ amv ?

Sara Barbera Toro

I'm hypochondriac and I truly understand your point. That's so true...

Chris Etrata

Fear Factor?

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I can't understand the people who do not love this song... Songs like these are life changing.

Nishaan Surendran

There are people who do not love this song?!

Suzie Smith

They're dumb as dirt. This is a beautiful, stirring, powerful piece with sweetness, dynamics & profound determination!

Elisa I. S.


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