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by EMA

Fuck California
You made me boring
I bled all my blood out
But these red pants
They don't show that
My old friends though
They know that
And when I sold them
I sold that

I'm sorry Gracie girl you're golden

I'm sorry Steven and Andrew
That I ever left you
You never seen the ocean
You never been on a plane
Schizophrenia rules the brain
Aliens coming to take you away
You're still my favorite
Past Life Martyred Saint
Gimme the places I'll give you the names
Wasted away alone on the plains
What's it like to be small-town and gay?
Fuck it baby I know you'll never change

So hold me down but I got it
Quick hit to the face
Soft blow to the mouth
On Christmas morning

You're bleeding from the fingertips
You rubbed me raw you rubbed me wrong
And I heave when I think of you

Oh! California

Now you've corrupted us all
With your sexuality
Tried to tell me love was free
Tried to tell me love was free
Us and them baby
You you you you you and me

Oh Love! In the time of scandal
Love in the form of tragedy
Love so much so real so fucked it's 5150

But I'm just 22, I'm just 22
I don't mind dyin'
I don't mind dyin'
I don't mind

What does failure taste like?
To me it tastes like dirt
And I'm beggin' you please to look away

I bet my money on the bob-tail nag
Somebody bet on the bay

I saw Joseph carrying the gun
I saw Mary carrying the gun
The gun the gun the gun
The gun carrying the gun

I saw Grandpa
Carrying the gun
I saw grandma
Carrying the gun
The gun the gun the gun
The gun carrying the gun

I used to carry the gun
I used to carry the gun
The gun the gun the gun
The gun carrying the gun


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John Aries Espan2

Every time i hear this i remember the intro of the skate movie Pretty Sweet

Newton Huynh

Exactly why I’m here 🤘🏻🛹


Yeah .

Shaya Maddex


Mosi Wayan

yea same


Sean Maltos back 50 50

Demian DineYazhi

EMA is probably one of the most underrated and divisive bands today. That said, they are entirely misunderstood as conceptual noise geniuses. Haters gonna hate on the internet, but you're out there making waves and giving people a reason to live and make art! The Mississippi Studios show in Portland was full of so much love and support, so thanks for giving us your best!


spicecrop Yes, of course! Thats why modern popular songs are full of shit and big companies pay for big names to create fake songs that manipulate young population. Some people just like something because majority likes it and not because of their own opinion.


Enough with the stupid "hatters gonna hate" bullshit. People like stuff or they don't . It doesn't matter if it's EMA or fucking mashed potatoes and gravy. People have a right to their opinion especially about music without being called a "hatter" by children like you. I like EMA but if I didn't, so fucking what. Get over it!

Sam Sveistrup

Pretty Sweet

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