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Ed Tullett Lyrics

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Jony Shelby Yeah, yea yea. Whoa You can fly fly hard, so hard.…
Novo Amor Clone, caught hold of your flood lung, Harbour your 'someone…
Novo Amor & Ed Tullet Clone, caught hold of your flood lung, harbour your ‘someone…
Novo Amor & Ed Tullett Clone, caught hold of your flood lung, harbour your ‘someone…
Two Lone Swordsmen Loved the showroom laughter Friday night before Count five…

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EBB Plane, your ivory dealt, stubborn message in your health, mi…
Faker Death The touch is what I missed most, and the haste with…
In Cure Come All south along All summers long For deviate to be Dra…
Irredeemer Build me on your cowardice Build me on your cloying scent St…
Kadabre Aglow Re, cavalry, go Weed caught in your cloak coat We'd qu…
Malignant Short parole for everyone, You shake a big C. Chauffeur soul…
Malignant (Evvol Remix) Short parole for everyone You shake a big C Chauffeur soul t…
Mezzanine In foreign tongue, and in later life, you spoke to me,…
OD Kill surprise and be in the woods on your own, from…
Oxblood In oxblood on my coat The plenty on the side Spill awnings,…
Ribboned Blood In the absence of half of your body you are ribbon…
Saint Peel your thumb, a lace, Pale, you stun away May you shun…
Silver Dive Sing from your soul, I know that there's something wrong; yo…
Teeth My skin cracked and the sun came in, it was as…
Thaw When you drown in the stormiest sea I will be there, through…

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caught hold of your flood lung,
harbour your ‘someone’,
prevent me.

you swoon in your lace run,
brooding, a quilt tongue,
pining me.

clot, cold, and bleed

pull over your midriff,
labour your inches,
widow me.

all crimson and hinges,
tarot and itches,
corner me.

shot, sold and bleed.

Cower all your cinders, fake us
bower in your shivers, shake us

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The combination of music and video - it's just bliss. <3

Myriam Trépanier

This is the kind of song that makes me happy to know I've been lucky enough to find it. It's simply amazing.

Heart Light

Same here 💚


Myriam Trépanier you should check out nova amor anchor they're amazing

The Journey

Novo Amor tends to write the most beautiful things on this planet.  I'm a little frustrated that this doesn't have more views.

Jonatan Munchow

It's so sad!!!

Franz L.C.Kappus

Songs like this make me feel that despite all the suffering, the pain and injustices in the world, there are sacred spaces that no one can touch. We need these little hideouts. Much like my mentor, Betrand, three passions govern my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and the unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. These passions, like great winds, blow me hither and thither, also, in a wayward course, over a great ocean of anguish, reaching to the very verge of despair. Without music, we would be trapped in someone else's reality. Thank you for the healing. Much love to everyone...<3

american maniac

Franz L.C.Kappus and to you to i hope all of mankind can embrace these feelings of love we are all brothers and sisters and we need to see how precious each breath is i try every day to be nice and show compassion but hate is strong and hate spreads easily morse so than love i think as a race and society we have had our priorities wrong from the get we set ourselvers on selfish standards and our beliefs can be treacherous to our nature and change the way we treat people after all the worlds plight and wars and fights i think we know how we should live how we should be one i hope its not to late but when i hear music like this it gives me hope..hope because i know people stumble into music like this so hard at heart and then them realize true feelings the whole world needs to be awakened to this joy we have eachother and if we all stuck together what would stop humanity? nothing we have the power the question is do we have the time

J Christian

Bon Iver paved the way for this type of vibe.


This might be the most beautiful song i have ever heard.

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