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Leaving Here
Eddie Holland Lyrics

Hey, fellas, have you heard the news,
Yeah, the women in this town have been misused,
Yeah, I seen it all in my dreams last night,
Girls leaving this town 'cause you don't treat 'em right.
Oh, take a train (take a train), fly by plane (fly by plane),
Yeah, gettin' tired (gettin' tired), sick and tired (sick and tired).

All you fellas better change your ways,
Yeah, leaving this town in a matter of days,
Girls are good, you better treat 'em true,
I seen fellas running around with someone new.

Gettin' tired (gettin' tired), sick and tired (sick and tired),
Yeah, leavin' here (leavin' here), leavin' here (leavin' here),
I said leavin' here, yeah yeah yeah, don't want to leave all here,
Be a while, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

The love of a women is a wonderful thing (oh yeah),
Yeah, the way you treat 'em is a crying shame (oh yeah),
I tell you, fella, yeah, it won't be long (oh yeah),
Yeah, before these women they all have gone (oh yeah).

Yeah, gettin' tired (gettin' tired), sick and tired (sick and tired),
Yeah, take a train (take a train), fly by plane (fly by plane),
Yeah, gonna leavin' here, yeah leavin' here,
Yeah, leavin' here, ya gonna leave all here now,
Baby baby baby, please don't leave here.

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Comments from YouTube:

Charlie Duus

I grew up in the south jersey area, this was a GREAT stomp song...these aging knees can only remember.

Nicholas Roby

Are you still dancing before COVID?

Nicholas Roby

The Weegee Walk

Nicholas Roby

In Philly we did The Stomp, and now we do a Line dance that all us Jerry Blavat dancers love

Tom Engel

Who put thumbs down? If ya don't like rock& roll, think what you been missin.But if you like to bop& stroll, come along & listen.


Rock and Roll is a term invented to describe Chuck Berry's style of music (R&B and country sound sped up )

R Nell Jenkins

+Tom Engel (Y)

Claryce King

Also I'm much younger but loving these comments I feel like I'm going down memory lane with my elders. 😁😍❤


This song is so damn good. Every version is great...the original, and the covers by The Who and Motorhead. It's really the mark of excellent songwriting that it lent itself to different but all excellent renditions.


I was in elementary school when I bought this! Reminds me of the girl I liked back then: Sharon!

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