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Tosca Fantasy
Edvin Marton Lyrics

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brianna sibbles

lastrade came pounding up the stairs of 221b a new case had arisen and he need sherlock immediately. when he reached the doorway he was met by john.
John: you can't go in there
Lestrade: why not
john: he's composing.
Lestrade: so. I've stopped him composing loads of times what's so different now
john: this piece is different he's been at it for weeks now it's something different from his usual style and he's just finished it he needs to play it without interruption.
Lestrade let out a large sigh and nodded he knew better than to argue with the blogger. sherlock stood with his back to the door examining his piece note for note for any imperfection this just had to be perfect it just had to be. just as he had finished checking for the millionth time over and he had re-tuned his violin sally and Donovan came up the stairs.
sally: what's taking so long is the freak high again
Donovan: yeah. he knows this case is important right?
john: quiet both of you. he needs silence for this
sally: what are you talking about he's probably just doped up or something and you're just falling for it.
john turned back around to sherlock looking at his back it was tense nad stiff like he was holding something in
john: no he hasn't I have been monitoring him closely since he started he hasn't even touched a cigarette.
Donovan: that might be but it doesn't matter his silly little song can wait for this case.
sally: iDonovan is rightI mean come on boss can't you just make him come with us.
Lestrade shrugged indifferently
john: will you both just shut the fuck up neither of you care about him. if you did you would realize that he does have emotions that the tough act and cold demeanor he puts up is all an act. you would realize that every time you call him a freak or a druggie or any of the hateful cruel things you guys can think of it hurts him. he's a brilliant mind and a gentle soul. he puts up walls to protect himslef from people like you. I bet you two didn't even give him a chance you never took the time to get to now him you just jugded. 
both sally and Donovan looked down because they know that what john had said was true
sherlock picked up his violin and bow and began to play. the song started off slow almost mournful. built hand grew louder and louder filling the room wth it sad melody. then it became almost angry for a moment before becoming fast and spirited taking on a tone never before heard in any of Sherlocks pieces. as it reached it peak the music kept its fast pace but switched to something akin to peace before retaking its fast hurried pace and ending somewhat violently.
everyone watching the performance was in shock. they all watched as this man once thought to be an emotionless void let loose all his anger frustration happiness nad sadness into this performance. john hesitantly stepped into the room and rested is hand on Sherlock's shoulder and was surprised, to say the least. sherlock for the first time was truly relaxed. sherlock set down his violin and turned to see gaping faces. he smirked to himself a bit.
sherlock: so what the case jeff.

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The Siberian

Is that Sherlock, or have I finally lost it?

Om Muhammad

yes he is 🐥

Logan Brawn

its him alright


@Danil Manison bbc always reminds me of big black cocks for some reason

Tommy Talker

ye lost it...

Kilian Abey

Its sherlock

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Anton Nguyen

I'm not a psychopath, I'm a highly functioning sociopath. Do your research.

Naomi Duran

Ah Yes, Edgy Comments.

A Diamond

Heh, he's also a decent liar as he's neither. (Yes I did do said research ;) )

Razor Ransom

@Persephone and sometimes and epic even though socially awkward genious. Sometimes like a real life Dr who or Sherlock or whoever is smashing suave and epic. [}

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