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Eisenfunk Lyrics

Let us play Pong.

Play again?

Contributed by Sophie R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Mr. Helium

Leggings cape thong

Lead and slate gong

Lucifer's dong

Let us bait prawns

Lepers 'bate wrong

Let's upgrade brawn

Let us pray John

Let's not watch Tron

Let us spray lawn

Let the Dace spawn

Layla's got Chron

Lettuce crouton

Replace tampon

Let us be gone

Leroy hates scones

Lucid pecan

Tetris ain't pong

Lettuce plate bun

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This was played at the local bar once a night and that one raver went all out on his dance skills. Me and my friends always joined in on his dance while totally fucking it up but it was fun as heck. At some point the raver disappeared and the song wouldn't be played anymore.I miss you misterious raver.



Logan The Mad Philosopher

@Justin Knox Well time to do my job, swell. TaTa see you at the party.

Justin Knox

@Logan The Mad Philosopher :-D

Logan The Mad Philosopher

@Justin Knox happiness noise.

Justin Knox

@Logan The Mad Philosopher lol I never heard lettuce png in my head before , thanks! good day to you to Vampire-Elder-san! I will see you in the all-thing!

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The older I get, the more I like people just having fun.

See The Animal

@Travis Collier the opposite…


@Travis Collier 🙌🏾


The older I get, the more I just like tentacles. Lovecraft and all 🤤

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