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The Wake of The Angel
Elend Lyrics

I am the eyes of the Basilisk.

And as you enter the forest of my sleep,
Drawing aside the bushes of glimmering light,
You will remember the prayer of Orion.

Drifted in me, you are alone.

The hour approaches and the Moon, dim as clay,
Pours a sea of tears into our swollen eyes.
Kill the dying in my soul, my love,
For Death once dead bears no more dying then,
And you'll be dead to strike the dead.

I have written your name so often
On the chiselled vault.
But my writing hands are the roots of my misery.

Now everything stands still in the wake of the Angel...

Contributed by Sophie A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Sun Luz

thanks elend, your talent is a gift given to rapidly evolving souls

Anno Domini Luciferum

Music for lonely souls. Good and pervasive atmosphere

Wolf Adusse

This music bring me peace and makes me feel good, i just love this music, just close my eyes and enjoy it

Lance Rauler

Somber, makes me cry my eyes out

Металлист Вантузъ

Very, very amazing! Choir sounds as if from the other world sound!!!

Zsolt Szabó

Amazing song!:)))

Хуйль Путлер

Amazing song!


¿¡La escuché en mis sueños será alguna señal!?

Vlad Tepes Mexican

Descansa en paz amigo Carlos Cámara

Wuilfredo Perdomo


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