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Assassin's Creed Rogue Main Theme
by Elitsa Alexandrova

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Comments from YouTube:

Lost Ones soul

Ok serious question: Am I the only one pissed off that there's no official artwork, or toy for Shay Patrick Carmak's hidden blade?

hamza almosoweh

I'm actually mad because ubisoft actually fucked shay storyline with poor development instead of just making it great game, I always well be mad for shay storyline not getting the developers and attention that should be


It takes real courage to turn on your brethren to do what is right

hamza almosoweh

@Pat I'm actually sad when I think about ac rogue storyline, because they could made the game of all time with the best ac storyline of all the series but unfortunately they did what ubisoft always do, copy paste the old game and give it poorly development and selling it as new great game when it actually bad


@hamza almosoweh that's a compelling statement, it was hypocritical for him to join the templars the more I think about it now

hamza almosoweh

Funny thing, through all ac games the assassin's were always showing bad and dirven blindly with alot of flaws, neither templers were right 👉🏼 about there Principle or there way to achieve there thoughts, soo shay changing his loyalty to the other side wasn't bravery or out of courage, if he was looking to do the right thing he would be on his own, fighting both sides for there flaws and dangerous ideas and act, that actually would make the game more interesting we would got the first assassin that want to do the right thing with no creed or others principles to achieve the right goals

Anakin Skywolf

I can really connect to Shay cormac so fast. Much as I connected to Edward kenway the most. They are both the good and awesome characters ever in the series.

Crisp Biscuit


Эдуард Ардельянов

It is the best game about assasins


Best assassin too, even though he isn't an "assassin"

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