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Elizabeth Rose Lyrics

When you shake off the feelings
It puts me back in the top
Something's missing withing
Put apart
You know taking yourself
Cause you take things as they come
And I keep living in the past
All the good things
Another case, another case
Another case of sensibility
It's a part of my nature to be
On the move again
One way or another, I need my sanity
Trust me, take it and you strive
Shouldn't make you feel alright
back to the basics
The good life, realize
To make it clear,
Crystal clear to yourself
When you push away,
Start to fade again
Another case, another case
Another case of sensibility

Contributed by Caden G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Fkn GREAT tune, wow. The progression and vocal hooks in the chorus are just divine. Songs like this really stand out in a saturated market full of rubbish. Very well done.


its orgasmic..I didn't think ppl made music like this anymore..

Michael de Gier

This girl has immense talent!

Jake McLean

Really glad to see this became a music video. Definitely one of the best of yours and you can understand my excitement when I saw this. Amazing work Liz :D

M.A. Johnston

Still blows my mind that this song exists.


unbelievably underrated, how she never took off here with talent like this, ill never understand

Diego Alvarado

i been in love with elizabeth rose since i first heard this tune..she's gorgeous!

Andrew Vote

just heard this on triple j 2 days ago couldn't get it out of my head so literally couldn't remember any lyrics just the rhythm and melody and i went through every song between 6am to 11am on there website playlist and finally found it!!
this is how music should be first time a song has made me feel this way in a long time!

ICEY Clique

Home grown Aussie talent! Great song & vid keep up the good work

Tyrone Hodges

First heard this tune on triple it..been liking her stuff eversince.. sounds great with the car stereo or headphones cranked favourite tune of hers..

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