Elliot Speller-Gillott, Salmonella: We need your help!

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by Elliot Speller-Gillott

Now we've all be told don't mix raw meat with your veg,
Wash your bits, pits and teeth on the reg.
Wipe down all surfaces after the slaughter,
and rise all cutting boards with warm soapy water.
now you might ask what's a little blood
splatter, well health and safety is no laughing matter.
Unless you want: salmonella, ecoli, listeria and pink eye.
Nor a virus,
From eating undercooked piglets.
Eduenwon, bird flu but don't eat poo
unless it accidentally gets into your stew.
Months without r are about time to eat shellfish
and don't share drinks, now that's not being selfish.
Read all labels saying may contain nut particles.
Read all over the internet many interesting articles...
wrinkles our bellies so avoid anything wrinkly or smelly.
Ergo, tapeworms...
stock up on hand sanitiser.
Sushi grade tuna is the only kind of raw fish,
that anyone should ever try to have in a raw dish.
Otherwise louses rip of your tongue,
while nematodes swimming around in your lungs,
toxoplasmosis you're a zombie slave to cats and
bubonic plague that's what you catch from rats.
And evil chickens the worst of the bunch,
already planning on how to spoil your LUNCHHH!!
So don't except meat from a dodgy looking fella
better yet don't eat, so you won't get salmonellaaaaaa!!

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