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La Gioia part III
Emanuele Nicolotti Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Dana Gioia

I loved this piece from the first time I ever heard you play it on our old family piano. I'm glad it's finally getting more broadly heard. As Mahler said, "My time will come." Congratulations!

Bill Houston

I find this piece of music very enjoyable indeed. Sometimes think we composers underestimate what we come up with. I've been a composer for fifty years and have only recently realized that I'm probably the worst judge of my own work. In the end, it's the audience that decides it anyway. We shouldn't let a lack of courage prevent us from sharing our creations. It's always better to take a chance on being surprised by genuine appreciation.

Justin Adams

This is inspirational to me. I write many pieces for myself, but never bring them to my bands. This is a lovely piece. Simple and haunting. Congratulations on having your work played on Saul! (My favorite show).
By the way- your Jazz Standards book is my constant companion when I teach a lesson or a class ... thank you for your many insights.

Michael Pilgrim

That's pretty amazing - a piece from 1988 in a 2022 hit show. Beautiful composition and performance.


Wow I like your music just as much as I like your writing!

Trey Harrison

In the world of media we aren’t living only in the present, but every moment of the past as well. Composers today have something different than what you had back then. It’s beautiful how the past always has a chance to reverberate back to us today, and leave an impact that just couldn’t be felt by something new. It’s even kinda trendy at the moment (Running Up That Hill) - congrats 🎈🎊🍾


Wonderful! Reminds me a little of an Ellis Marsalis piece I love, "Homecoming." I'll have to watch the episode again to pay special attention to the music. 👏👏👏

Siobhan Megan Tudhope

This is a very pleasing piece to listen to. Despite what the composer feels, I think it has some jazzy moments to it. Whatever the style, it sounds delightful on a quality, beautifully toned piano. Congratulations on your surprise!! Whenever I have time to watch Better Call Saul, I will break into a smile, because I will know the origin of this lovely piece of music. You underestimate yourself. You’re a natural!! 💜

Blue Wren

As artists all we can do is put our work out into the world. Where it goes from there, who knows? Congratulations, it's a lovely piece....and yes you really should have turned up at Stan Getz' place with that rhythm section.


Timeless! Bravo, Maestro Gioia! 👏

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