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Emily Portman Lyrics

I have studied shell traces on your soft downy heads
How different the markings before the fire had fled
I have studied your faces all those terrible lies
But I find in their place only fathomless skies
Hatchlings, my hatchlings
Double youg twins
Twice born, my darlings
with two sets of skin
Such a cruel little riddle I was set by the face
To bo brought down so low by one thought so great
And I wish and I wish 'till the black leaves my veins
That the softest of feathers never brought me such pain
Hatchlings, my hatchlings
Double young twins
Who's going to take you under their wing?
For if you hear wing beats won't you crawl to the shade
For it mite be your father on his nightly raid
Come to take you reshape you in the crook of his thigh
Then who's going to sing you forsaken lullabies
Hatchlings, my hatchlings
Double young twins
I wonder, I wonder
What this wide world will bring
They tell me to be chosen is an auspicious sign
That shame is no different however royal the line
And next time he's wearing his clever disguise
I won't be fooled by his feathers for there's blood in his eyes

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Comments from YouTube:

D Singh

Holy wow.. Amazing. Don't you make videos on different accents now? And I know, you will be a great artist one day. :)

Nicholas Freestone

A voice as clear as a bell!