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It's You That I Need
Enchantment Lyrics

Something strange is happening
You don’t belong to me anymore
It seems I’m all alone
In my dreams
I just feel so weak
No one knows the pain I see
When I’m all alone
Now that you’re gone

My world is cold
My friends are few
Without you here
My joy seems cruel

When you left you took part of me
What can I do

It’s you that I need, baby
It’s you that I need
I’m lonely
It’s you that I need, come back

Something’s gone in me
You were my life, my mystery baby
How could you do this to me
Left me holding on to a memory

I tried, I tried to be good
Take you to a place no others could
I suddenly woke and found you gone
Now I sing my heart to you
Through the words of this song

Something happened to me
You were my life, my destiny
My life will never, ever be complete
Come back to me
It’s you that I need baby, baby
It’s you that I need
Come back to me

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Dee Bess

@FletchDeezie hey Deezie,, thinking a lot here lately,
The songs here, reflect how men cared about women, soft eazy. Sweet caring,,
And the songs of today, reflects on how men don't care and the disrespect they feel and show about women of today,
Which,. I can see the difference,. In the women then, and the women now,.
And there is a huge difference,,
So did the women change the men, or did the men change the women
Or did they change, each other,,
I would value, your opinion on that,
I'm not sure,. But I couldn't even see it until recently,, but something definitely change,.
That we have to come back here to find respect for each other in a song,,,
Can we or they ever find that what we had,. In our music again,???

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Uriyah Bonafide

I'm 60 years old now and this music is like a time machine. Thank you ALMIGHTY GOD for the gift of music you gave to us.

Debbie Parks

We had it all!

Bruce Newby

So glad I grew up in this era of music!

Michael Leon Brown Jr.

👋🏽🧑🏾‍🦲👋🏽Yes this is a “BEAUTIFUL SONG”. I’m turning 57 this year I remember my mom playing this song and my brother and I will get a broom as if we’re singing this song.😆😆😆😆

Manny bro I

Im 50 and this is on the one timeless fasho

michael myles

You are so right they don't make music like this anymore

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Im 16 years old and whenever i go on walks with my parents or car rides we listen to music like this and I am just so blessed to have them and music like this, it feeds my soul


I’m 9 and this music feed my soul

Patsy Pittman

I'm 48 years old I love all kinds of music it's good for you to listen to this music it bring me back in my younger days god bless

LaKeisha Robinson

That was so beautiful! Your parents have great taste in music & now, so do you! 🤗

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