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Rhiannon Hofer

The people think we are nothing
They all call us cowardly, weak
But, you see, here’s the thing
You don’t know what we seek

We’ve seen much more hell
Than you have fear, or death
All of those soldiers that fell
That’ve released their last breath

Those people, they all know
What this world has become
Even as they let things go
To fight anything that comes

Now you see, they were heroes
Not one of them was a traitor
And the voices that still echo
Are those of the liberators

-Rhiannon H.

Youssef Fandary

(Pilots line up before takeoff)
Gentlemen the time has come for our last stand
Whatever courage or bravery you can master even fear will help you today .gentlemen we fly as one dont look to your fellow pilots as they are from another country rather they are from the same plant same earth
(Engines ignite)
our enemy is one it wont differentiate between race or country and its out there beyond our atmosphere
(taking off into rainy clouds)
I am sure nothing will stop you only your faith in each other will make you succeed
(A family picture hang on the panel )
so today i wont tell you to fly up there and win but rise up and protect protect those bonds that holds us together
protect our home
(Clouds scatter and disperse the shaking stops)
(HQ we have visual of the enemy)
and godspeed
(Liberators you are clear to engage bring our home back)


I am back to claim my crown,
I am here to fly from dusk to dawn,
dawn to midnight and so for,
I mark my territory with my wings of destruction,
we silence the ones who oppose before us.
We are the hybrids, The Liberators, Lets fly
and win with our mighty strength and mighty wings.
Pick your ass up we got a fight to win.

so long soldier

Touraj Tayebi

The promised army,
at the dead of the night,
will take off,
once the moon and stars are right.

The liberators who had to free themselves first,
from fear and tear of flesh,
riding the iron birds and the fire itself,
will navigate the void,
to free me and you all the same.

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Just Some Guy without a Mustache

This type of music truly deserves more recognition, this is actually legendary.


Why am I surprised you're here?

Sean Villanueva

Hey, glad to see u bud

Scarlett Dread

I found him!




​@Samuel Billa yoooooo its my only nickname i have since i was 12 xD

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Blade Master

For anyone curious, the ships in this image are Aegis Vanguard Wardens from Star Citizen. Lore-wise, these Heavy Fighters served as the “vanguard” in Humanity’s war with an alien force known as the Vanduul.

As of present in the Star Citizen universe, the Vanguard Warden is one of the most well-known UEE fighting vessels, alongside the Javelin destroyer and the Bengal battle carrier, the latter of which is at least 1 km long.


@Leader 7011 yes, you can fly them, walk inside, use the top turret, use the bed, there is a shower (not functional yet). Not kidding, there are two beds and a shower inside.

Leader 7011

can you fly them?

Akim Lettner

@Anders Bjerregaard thanks for the info I'm not in to computer games but i know fine art when I see it. And i knew it was a bad ass warbird.... Thanks again..

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