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Paid in Full
Eric B. & Rakim Lyrics

[Eric B]: Yo Rakim what's up?

[Rakim]: Yo I'm doing the knowledge E. I'm trying to get paid in full

[E]: Well check this out since Nobry Walters is our agency right?

[R]: True

[E]: Kara Lewis is our agent

[R]: Word up

[E]: Zakia/4th & Broadway is our record company

[R]: Indeed

[E]: Okay so who we rollin with?

[R]: We rollin with Rush

[E]: Of Rushtown Management. Check this out since we talking over

This def beat that I put together, I want to hear some of them

Def rhymes, know what I'm sayin? And together, we can get

Paid in full...

Thinkin of a master plan

'cause ain't nuthin but sweat inside my hand

So I dig into my pocket, all my money is spent

So I dig deeper but still comin up with lint

So I start my mission- leave my residence

Thinkin how could I get some dead presidents

I need money, I used to be a stick-up kid

So I think of all the devious things I did

I used to roll up, this is a hold up, ain't nuthin funny

Stop smiling, be still, don't nuthin move but the money

But now I learned to earn 'cause I'm righteous

I feel great! so maybe I might just

Search for a 9 to 5, if I strive

Then maybe I'll stay alive

So I walk up the street whistlin this

Feelin out of place 'cause, man, do I miss

A pen and a paper, a stereo, a tape of

Me and Eric be , and a nice big plate of

Fish, which is my favorite dish

But without no money it's still a wish

'cause I don't like to dream about gettin paid

So I dig into the books of the rhymes that I made

To now test to see if I got pull

Hit the studio, 'cause I'm paid in full

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Comments from YouTube:

Liffted High

Pls tell me someone still listening to this masterpiece in 2020?!?!




hell yeh real hip hop heads know wassup.

Erik van Doorn


Onyx 55555



I am

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Ongo Gablogian

What the kids dont know is Rakim was the first to rap a bit slower and focus more on rhymes than the energy. Before Rak it was just super fast, dance type rap records like a Run DMC and when Rak came he was clowned on for rapping with such low energy and being so different, but he ended up crafting the style that would later give us Nas, Raekwon, Mobb Deep, etc. and the rest is history. He single handedly changed the entire course of hip hop!

Ben Potter

@Piano Impro l schools should teach hip hop? Are you serious? Lot more important things kids should be learning nowadays that they aren't long before hip hop gets anywhere near there.

Brian Doherty

Anyone who puts HipHop with a small h needs to learn more history.

Chela Buford


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