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Hat and Beard
Eric Dolphy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Eric Dolphy:

Come Sunday Ooh Lord, dear Lord above, God almighty, God of love, Pl…
Don't Blame Me Ever since the lucky night I found you I've hung around…
Dont Blame Me Ever since the lucky night I found you I've hung around…
Glad To Be Unhappy Look at yourself If you had the sense of humor You would…
I'll Remember April This lovely day will lengthen into evening We'll sigh goodb…
I`ll Remember April This lovely day will lengthen into evening We'll sigh goodb…
Laura You know the feeling of something half remembered Of someth…
Like Someone In Love Lately, I find myself out gazing at stars, Hearing guitars…
On Green Dolphin Street It seems like a dream, yet I know it happened A…
Speak Low Speak low when you speak, love, Our summer day withers away…
When Lights Are Low Listen to the melody entrancing Blending in a soft and swee…
You Are Too Beautiful You are too beautiful, my dear, to be true And I…
You Don't Know What Love Is You don't know what love is 'Til you've learned the meaning…

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Comments from YouTube:


"I was thinking about Monk when I wrote this tune. He's so musical no matter what he's doing, even if he's just walking around. It opens in 5/4, but once the whole group is in, the basic count is really 9/4." - Eric Dolphy 

Peter Kh

+phillramirez the title and theme are just perfect

Chacha Delrio

One of the greatest albums ever recorded.

Daniele Alfredo Marano

Blue Note by Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff. Rudy Van Gelder Engiiner

Abraham Palmer

Chacha Delrio yes is definitely up there extremely superb album

bill ding

+Chacha Delrio Without a doubt.


pretty sure dolphy hopped in a time machine to the year 2732, listened to some modern jazz, and came back to 1964

Kitty Love

@Maick95 yeah, haha... he got me into electronic and drum n bass as well. IDM, too. As for others like him, I also really like aphex twin, Bonobo, Tycho, and Squarepusher. Kevin Macleod might even have some similar stuff.

Funny enough, I heard another Dizzy Gillespie song from TikTok (I think it was one of the variations of Caravan) and the percussion instantly reminded me of Amon for a second


That's an interesting observation. It seems like that's the reason that many critics and listeners have used names such as avant-garde or the 'new thing' to describe what they were hearing. The music could be applied in the context of a science fiction movie.


@Kitty Love He got me into electronic music/drum n bass haha, he is great. I love how he mixes all these elements, he even sampled a bossa nova tune (Bebel Gilberto), very creative. Also, that's amazing, I also bought an alto sax a couple of years ago, mainly inspired by Eric Dolphy and Charlie Parker (among others).
I had forgotten Fast Eddie. I remember discovering that a couple of years ago, I was listening to that Dizzy's album, and when I got to that song, I instantly remembered Amon!

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