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Dark Energy
Erik Ekholm Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Dark Energy' by these artists:

Darkology Phantom existence Violent remains Boundless resistance Const…
Dr.Hourai At the end of the day Darkness consumes All I see Is red In…
JEFF the Brotherhood If you're drifting towards the eye Where do you go From th…
The Make Closer we get, temperature rise The look on your face, the…

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Comments from YouTube:


Dark doesn't fear night. Dark doesn't fear humankind. Dark always wins it's battles. That's not to say dark is evil, it doesn't hurt the light or the innocent. It's one of the great forces of the world. It's in the world and in the souls of people. How it will be used depends on the people. It is an energy. It can heal a thousand or kill a million.

Charina Melanmur

Dark is part of the world and you can't say no.

Banan Garada

deep yet true philosophy!


Один из лучших композиторов современности


Man: I am looking into your soul with this epic music. Me: 0__0


Love the dark energy.

Nicholas Barron

how someone could dislike this music is beyond me


Well played. I see your posts all over and I must commend you.

Alen Pešec

this music is so empowering :P but this guy makes me go play Vayne, so i cleanse the world of blackness :P


Terrifying beautiful. The scene portrays the migration of a war movie, and the war coming from the West. awesome..

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