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Gymnopédie No. 1
Erik Satie Lyrics

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15. Angela Brownridge Satie: Gymnopedie No. 1 Why - Do you do the things that make you…
Gymnopedie No. 1 Why - Do you do the things that make you…
Gymnopédie No.1 Strong hands, strong mind Strong all the time Straightforwar…
Hackett John and Steve How did I know that the warmth of the glow…
J.S. Bach Orchestra & Walter Rinaldi Yo te quiero a ti eternamente a si y seguro…
London Philharmonic Orchestra Ave maria Gratia plena Maria gratia plena Maria gratia pl…
Robin Williams Last night I came home, but you weren't there, Found…

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〽Blooming Fields〽

You’re walking by a lake on a fall morning, it’s gloomy outside, the grass is an orangish brown, the trees are all fall colored, and the air is soothingly cold to the skin. As you walk in calm piece and deep thought you notice the leaves rustling in the breeze. The slight relaxing noise makes you lift your head. You realize you’ve been walking for hours, the sun is almost setting, and wonder where time slipped off t-...

You’ve stumbled upon a forestry hill, their are leaves everywhere, it is so calm and quite, it’s almost like someone is shushing the entire environment just for you. As you walk following the river up and over the hill through the forest, you come to the edge...

You look down over the lands and notice just how beautiful they are, you see exotic mountains, and great grass fields and meadows and you see the first sign of other people in the distance, their is a small village and it almost feels like home... you start to walk their and as you get closer and closer, it seems to get further away. As the sun sets you start to get very... very tired... and you fall over, and the ground is the most comforting thing you’ve felt all day. You want nothing more than to wake up at home...

Then, you are suddenly grazed by a great beast and as you look up YOU REALIZE... that it’s just your cat and it’s night time so the stars are out, and their are no lights around so the sky is full of bright beautiful stars, and you sit and star gaze and imagine adventures while your cat is right next to you looking up... almost as if he’s doing the sam- “Kid” you hear someone yell, and you question if it was an animal, or just your head, but your not scared because your cat is right their to protect you. Than you drift off in the thought realm again- “Kid” ... their it is again... now you follow the sound, and as you stumble upon a stop in the woods you see a house. This is your house, and you realize that you’ve been dreaming for a good while, and your parents are calling you for supper... you can’t wait to see the food your mother has cooked, as you run into the house full of excitement, and to the table to enjoy a delicious meal... after the matter, you have a nice shower, and nightly routine, and then hop into the cozy sheets, and fall asleep...

Then you are awoken to the sunrise and temperature rise, and as you look up you notice you have woken by the village that you were going to before, and you are still just as close and far from it as you were before....

This story is called “The Lost Autumn Adventurer” just thought of by me

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A moment of silence for those who still cant find this song.


I've literally looked for months.

Alicia Gant


Place holder

4 years



OffBrand _

Is it hard for people to find songs like this I heard it and found it like 5 minutes later

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Fredric Greenblott

My father killed himself 6 years ago. September 28, 2014. Ted Greenblott. I will always remember finding him and the chaos that ensued for the rest of the morning, but as the days, months, and years go by, I'm realizing that I'm forgetting more and more what he looked like. What his voice sounded like. What he loved to do with me, his eldest son.

Now, I'm 19 years old and I'm living on my own with my girlfriend. My mom has remarried and life continues onward.

Despite the unease at forgetting more and more of him, listening to this song makes me think that wherever my dad is, he's at peace. I know he only wanted me to be happy.


Kinda cringe ngl

Gabriela K.

I'm sure he found the peace he couldn't find here on Earth.


This was beautiful.

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