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Kanon Pokajanen: Ode VI
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir & Tönu Kaljuste Lyrics

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Роман Б.

Арво Пярт - один из самых замечательных современных композиторов, сумевший превратить минимализм в настоящее чудо.

Javier D.

This masterpiece was composed by Arvo Pärt to pay tribute to all the victims of the MADRID train bombings (3/11/2004).
193 died and more than 2000 were injured.

Сергей Строганцев

Спасибо за потрясающую музыку.


Arvo Part music makes me cry. I cannot listen to it in public. Not sad. It just make me feel like there is an higher purpose in life and that everything will be fine at the end. His music is like a prayer by itself.

Fans of St. Maximus the Confessor

Pärt is an believing Orthodox Christian. This is what his music does express.

Debbie Footman Williams

God has that effect on His children of me.... We are made to sing to Him and praise His holy name

Howard Kowalchuk

I heard it described (as with these other modern minimalists) as filling the dark space in the soul. How true that is.

Carl Roller


Ko de Bruijn

the reality we behold with the 5 corporeal senses may not be the whole story. It is not!

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Susan Bendickson

Stunning music, brought my world to a halt, the first time time I heard Arvo Part's music (Speigel I'm Speigel). I listen now with infinite gratitude for the intense beauty of the musical composition and the incredible soul searching is the music to me; I go over all the things I could have done better in my life, it's wrenching and so sad. I had difficult relationship with my Mom, never understood her enough to show her that I loved her, and now that she is gone I can't make it up to her...hard things to come to terms with. I feel in this music that I can find the understanding that I never had for her before, and that she loves me now despite it all, it brings me some peace although it it full of sadness at the same time. Complicated but very beautiful music, I need to hear it now as and anchor for my soul, from time to time.

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