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I'm Nuthin'
by Ethan Hawke

I got a pothead mama, got a cokehead dad.
I'm an ultramodern version of the American man.
I don't feel good, but don't feel bad.
'Cause me you see, I'm nuthin'

Ain't no republicrat, no demmican, they ain't nuthin in between.
I'm sick of people talking about American dreams -that's all gone.
Ain't nothin' there for me cause me you see I'm nuthin'
I ain't left, I ain't right.

People say I'm wrong before I was born.
It was all gone.
Don't even make sense that I wrote this song.
'Cause me you see I'm nuthin, I'm nuthin'

Don't want no big TV or no flashy garage, never would cut it in no corponate job.
People see me coming - they say look at that slob cause me you see

I'm nuthin', I'm nuthin'

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Comments from YouTube:

GaBi Diamantina

Ethan, my big monstrous crush from the 90s.

Aranzazรบ Gonzรกlez Moreno

Ethan is so god damned talented that Im sure his novels are as good as his acting and singing

Angie B.

Thought he was so hot in this movie: Reality Bites....

Madison RU

He has novels! I just found out today he sings ...

Phil Spill

Hey! That's My Bike

John Wesley Clark

not sure why this song wasn't made available on Spotify with others from the sound track, or even under Ethan's list

Lean Young

did ethan hawk really sing this masterpiece???


Lean Young damn right he did


yes you will love it one of the best films of all time. and a great soundtrack

Edit Kozma

watch the film. you won't regret.

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