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Space Cowboy
Eve St. Jones Lyrics

She´ll make you feel invisible
she´ll make you feel like you´re
not in the room at all
she´ll make your heart just
she´ll make you feel like you´re
nothing at all to her
And anything you just said is
forgotten anyway
and any romantic gesture is
just just shot away
and I don´t know why I do it
but do it anyway
guess I´m a glutton for
punishment just to runaway
I-N-V-I-S-I am invisible
She´ll make you feel incredible
she´ll make a mark line
indelible ink on you
she´ll make you dream a
thousand dreams
But when you wake up you´re
waking up by yourself
and now you feel like a fool for
texting her everyday
reading back my messages
and believing what she say
why does she say the things
she say if she really don´t
mean it
if there´s a glimmer of hope
you know you can´t believe it
I-N-V-I-S-I am invisible
like a magician
she wishin´ that I would
but when I do
all she wants me to do is
and I can´t take it no more
so baby I´m outta here
and now my bottles are empty
so now my head is clear
I-N-V-I-S-I am invisible

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Comments from YouTube:

Xackz aple

esto es... un placer...

Héctor Ruiz Cárdenas

@Angel Carreón confirmo también puajaja

Angel Carreón

Confirmo, siete años después.

Petite Explication

The start of this song is so good

Rich Escareño

Who is the guitar player? Amazing taste in the solo

Ana Marinho


Viewer 1121

Underrated classic.

fernando godoy arze

Muuuuuuuyyy bueno placentero

Taylor Leach

See you Space Cowboy


You called?...

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