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I Gotta Run
Everybody Else Lyrics

I don't wanna go where the lovers go
Like we did when you were mine
And this crying all the time
It ain't no fun
When i gotta run

And i don't wanna hear you on the other line
Saying "babe, i'll let you go"
'cause the one thing that i know
Is that i'm done
And i gotta run

'cause he don't love you like i do
((no way))
And i can't chase you anymore
What can i say? i got a problem

All i wanna do is just run to you

I don't wanna get into a million fights
Like we did when we went out
Only stupid people shout
About something
That is burning out

So i don't wanna see you on the fire escape
On the hottest august night
'cause these memories, sharp and bright
Stick in my lungs
When i gotta run

So i'll have the girls you hate get in my car
And i'll make 'em think that i'm a superstar
And i'll drive to the place we used to
Sit by the sea
-where we screamed-
You and me

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