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Inner fear
Eves Fruit Lyrics

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Inner Fear My ability to clarify your hidden world never lets you feel…

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C Lou

In this lesser visited region of the world, on top of this sacred mountain, sits the long lost Garden of Eden. 

  I can prove it, the bible says only one river system in the entire world, does what the rivers in Eden do.  The garden of Eden can be found in the heartland of America. "Soon to be famous".. Missouri.   On the top of the world, as far north as one can get,  the center of the universe is the long lost Garden of Eden. 

  This great mountain that was considered sacred by the Mayans because of the many natural springs that shoot up through the ground as artesian wells. 

  The Current River is located in the Southeastern portion of the Ozarks of Missouri. It is approximately 184 miles long. 

  The first magnitude spring that enters the river is Welch springs approximately 14 mi downstream from headquarters, nearly doubling the flow. Other notable springs that add to the current river include cave springs, alley springs, pool tide springs, round springs, Devil's well which is an underground river and the largest river in the state of Missouri. Fifty miles downstream Current River receives its largest tributary,  Jacks fork near the small town of Eminence Missouri. Blue springs, another first-magnitude spring, and the biggest spring in the world empties into Current river providing nearly 470 cubic feet of water per second. 

  The four corners of the world are North, East, South and West, with the garden in the middle as the beginning and starting point of creation.

  Once you find the garden of Eden you'll see how the world gets its water. The water comes up out of the ground, in Eminence Missouri at the top of the world. As far north as you can get, Hundreds or possibly thousands of springs shoot ice cold, crystal clear water up out of the ground. All the springs and artesian wells feed into the Current River, so the current river is the main source that feeds all four rivers. They have to be a tributary four times, which means they have to flow into each other four times. Current is a tributary to White River, which is a tributary to Black River, which is a tributary to Mississippi River. And from there to the four corners of the world north, east, south and west. 

  Human kind started right here in the garden. They evolved over a 6 thousand year period from a divine piece of dirt. American Indians are the real Jews! 

   Missouri is in the "heartland"  and here you will find the garden of Eden, and how the world gets its water supply. 

  Everything I say, I can prove. I have studied this endlessly for the last 4 years. I asked God to help me find the answers and he did. He put the holy Spirit on me, to guide me and show me the right way. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong on this, and I say this as humble as possible. I don't believe there is anyone out there who has more answers than I do. I would be glad to answer any questions.

One Two

@Darby John Luke

So true.. GLAD UR HERE...





A Letter to Basalisk :

For low is the serpant
And High is the Cloud
"How can I reach?"
In pride did ye howl.
Cunning I made thee,
But Wisdom ye lack
Heel over head
Ye will not be back
Through dasterdly secrets
And ransomed attempt
Much Blood did ye spill
To aid thines ascent
But here do ye fall
No hands ye to grasp
For did ye foget,
That ye are an asp?
This height ye have climeb
From the beginning of time
Brought forth great pain
For Death is not Kind.
Ye shall fall to the fires
And burn with desires
For ye have created
The wallow of mires.
Be gone for Good
For this Time be New
This Cloud Everlasting
To whom drink of its Dew
No place here for sadness
Son shines thru a Cloud
While ye burn there forever,
amongst the sinner,the rebel,the proud.

The Devil's Advocate

"Your Honor?"
"Yes, Mr. Paininmyass?"
"I would like to point out that the defenders are, at that point in time, uneducated, illiterate, biologically adult children with no possible ways of identifying right and wrong. The plaintiff, Mr. God, insists that the punishment fitting for the theft and consumption of a magical apple is to inflict my clients, M. Adam and Eve, and their descendants with a constant hardship and pain."
"I would also like to point out that by my clients' perception, they could not know that disobeying an order from a divine being was wrong, since the knowledge of good and bad was only acquired after eating the apple."
"Your point, Mr. Toomuchtimeonyourhand?"
"My point, your Honor, is that this being, God, is supposedly omniscient. He would have known that Adam and Eve would consume the apple. As such, in legal terms, this is entrapment. If he TRULY wanted them NOT to eat the apple, he wouldn't have left it anywhere CLOSE to their naked asses. He set them up for failure the moment he made that tree. On top of all, he did not even give them the common sense of understanding fear and the length of the punishment that WOULD be imposed upon them. His job, as a father and guide, is to teach them, yet he never taught them anything! And the moment they grasped some knowledge, instead of encouraging them, he berated them and inflicted them with an eternity of misery for what was a minor inconvenience to him!"
"Mr. IlosttenyearsofmylifeinlawschoolandnowImworkingshiftsatdairyqueen, can you PLEASE cut to the chase?"
"Fine! The defense demands that the court drops all charges on my clients, on ground of entrapment."
"Was that so hard?"


I have very bad grammar... so don’t shoot the messenger... lol
I’m having to get my head around this one, and it’s not easy for me.
I had a jaw dropping moment at the point when I saw the map.. and it kept dropping more as I watched this. So thank you who ever made it. I’m not overly religious. Spiritual yes.
I have been trying to discover a henge around the point were I sit. Well it seems as though I have found it.
I have had a tough couple of years, I was nearly admitted, I was seeing a 8 ft reptilian. Plus I kept seeing Images of a snake everywhere. Trust me that doesn’t help your mental health. I would talk like a mad man to the nurse about beacon hill and a reptilian.
So what I learned a few days ago has put me in a bit of shock.
I’m a truth seeker. My school motto. Seek the truth..
How I came to this?
I was removing the Bolsom that is invading the park, from the cascade water fall in Shibden. I’m a bit psychic and felt the presence of Ann lister. I have felt her presence many times, at that point ,I realised the path by the hall , known as serpent lane to the locals was representing the head of a snake. The mouth being the tunnel into cunnery woods.
I was lead to believe the rock alter cascade was designed by Ann’s Gardner.. I think many people thought the same.
It’s the exact image from the pic in the bible. A alter.
The unseen river used to confuse me as a kid. Even rain water doesn’t run down it. A huge wall at the top.

So I’ve investigated more. On the front of the wall there is a backward h..
I noticed a small crack appear weeks ago and trust me it’s not going any were. It’s banked up and ancient trees line it. Any marking are buried deep.
The park had many levels going from red beck at the bottom to the walled woods..
All this pre dates Ann lister. She did leave the clues for future generations to find.. I’m sure Emily brontes missing literature had info about the garden. She talks about the four kingdoms as a child.
When you look at the valleys and we’re the garden lays, the age of the garden, the statues on High Sunderland pointing to the same direction. I bet half the statues in Halifax are pointing or looking towards beacon hill.
I think this knowledge I’m sharing had been a big secret and hidden knowledge,I think it will give out more clues about the book and big J
A man of learning and wisdom. End times is about new beginnings. Trust me, the story is unfolding. It’s more beautiful what lies behind the story of the bible.
I think it’s about time the people of earth were told the truth
So blessing to you all.
God I sound weird, and I’m not Jesus.. I just look a bit like him.

I used to play in the woods as a kid and know a few of its secrets already.
The water that fed the garden came from the top of the hill. Via underground reservoir. Now being taken by Yorkshire water. A pipe buried up to the top of the hill. The centre of the henge. I was looking for standing stones on old maps and noticed he garden.
As you go through the tunnel you pas the seven headed serpent in the arch, you can see in the old map a pond. It’s still there. You walk around the pond and there was a very very large green house. Past the green house was the woraners house, (rabbit breeder.) at the top. Out side the top of the walled garden was a furnace.
The hill side is full of tunnels. Some go back to the Driuds. The valley must have been a very learned place.. I heard another program mention getting there.. The valley of Hebden bridge ( in parts)only gets sun half the year. Please do your research. Look for your self.


The accounts of creation are two because those are two different stories which have nothing in common.
First off, these explainations are contained in a framework that doesn't include theological point of view of "creation". You won't find any creation in what's following:

- The first account comes from older cultures. It narrates the events occurred when the Elohim arrived here and chose the territory and operated a sequence of divisions to bring order in a context to make it usable for them. The hebrew term bārā’ convey the meaning of "spatially separation", it doesn't carry the meaning of "creation out of nothing", which is concept extraneous to semitic languages. About mankind, the first account narrates the events occurred when the Elohim decided to fabricate Sapiens by enhancing our ancestors genome, both males and females. [deeper explaination available]
My opinion ---> With all probability, those events concern a period of time from 300k to 250k years ago in Zimbabwe. And of course it didn't happen in 6 days.

- The second account narrates the event occurred at a later time. It speaks about the making of the Adamites, the subspecies purposely made in order to guard and work the garden they were about to relocate in Eden. Subsequently, it says about the installation of this fenced and proteceted garden [gan-eden] in a territory called Eden, by relocating it from a place where it was before [miqqedem], in which they put inside that specimen of the Adam they just made.
These events occurred quite recently, around 4000 b.C. inside a huge region that today contains Turkey, Armenia, Iraq and Syria.

By the way: when they have made "the Adam" [ha-adam --> it's not a name, "ha" is the article] the translators used to imply a "with" while in hebrew bibles the prefix 'bet' is actually missing. It means that "man with clay" is a mistranslation. And this conceals another interesting story.
Just like the way they fabricated the woman.



You should start with reading the Apocrypha books of Apocalypse of Abraham and the book of Adam and Eve vol 1 and 2...
If Adam & Eve were so call as y'all has colour them to be on the front cover...
Job: ch 9 vs 24= The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where,
and who is he... A'men. (Question)=Why are there more colour nation of brown people, then the red people... Smart
The Ending of a new Beginning... "Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth"... =
2 Esdras: ch 6 vs 9
I am from 1 of the 12 Israelites tribes, of Israel, which is of the tribe of Judah.
"WE GOT NEXT"... Da End &
You're Welcome

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Where do you think the Garden of Eden is?


North Pole

Stephen Imagod

It’s on earth



tamir sharif

@Karine The Great True indeed the Garden Of Eden is said to be located in Iraq however they have never found the Garden of Eden nor any of the other places in the bible such as the tower of babel, the waste of Jericho, Solomon's temple &, Sodom & Gomorrah.

Kayaga Jemima

@ALICE IN WONDER LAND where is Lilith in the bible

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Charles Hendrick

Love your vids examining the Bible stories. It is past time that we hold these stories up as in a taboo realm of their own we must "respect" because some might actually hold them in hi esteem or it might hurt some ones delicate feelings. I enjoy the comments as much as I enjoy the vids you do. Thanks!! The Moses story would be good too.. although you might have to do it in several parts... it is great material.

Char Porter

The Lord GOD Almighty Is Not To Be Mocked! Some 'people' ARE GOING TO LEARN THE HARD WAY, just Like Adam and Eve did but probably with a Harsher Punishment. CHRIST JESUS is KING OF ALL kINGS AND LORD OF ALL lORDS!!! HalleluYah!!!✝️👑⚜🍷🍞💝🛡⚔

Annem Burada

Yes, eating an apple created by the Good Lord, I mean how much more wicked can any person in the universe be? Eating a forbidden apple.O the abomination.Terrible.Awful.Despiccable. The Good Lord was so mad about this abomination, and rightly so. How dare this wicked woman eat this apple of all apples? It's unbelievable. I cannot stop ranting on and on about this wicked abomination. Oh my god. What a sin. such a disgraceful SIN SIN SIN SINful sin

Ehud Zechariah Schmidt

Fun fact: the phrase "there was no death" does not appear anywhere in Genesis or the Bible for that matter. Also, there are no passages in Genesis that suggest that death did not exist in any way shape or form.

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