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Exhorder Lyrics

My religion is myself
Desecration's my belief
Your misfortune's my enjoyment
And I thrive on your disease
I don't care about your feelings
Pain and torment's what you'll get
I'll rape your heart of love
And I'll make you eat my shit

I'll piss on your grave
Total desecration
I spit in your face
For no apparent reason
I'm sick and depraved
Society's garbage of what I'm made
Devoted to hatred
Unholy war and violent ways

Virgin Mary's cursed to hell
Who needs her anyway?
The Pope is slaughtered in the street
Catholics grieving at his feet
Painting of satanic stars
Desecrating church's walls
I have no rules, I have no mercy
No remorse, I feel no pity, life is death to me
The desecrator

Agnostic beliefs
Defecate before the holy world's maternity
Origin of the species, strongest shall survive
Blitzkrieg tactics upon your family life
I need no reason, there's no cause
All I need is victims to exercise my hateful laws

My pleasure is your pain, your grievance is my gain
Desecration's my greatest pleasure in life
Your children will be my sacrifice
Offspring slaughtered, lacerate your spouse
My itch is scratched, I feel relieved
That I brought your fucking world down to its' knees

Fuck your God
No regard for your religion
No need to pray for my forgiveness
Exhorted coitus
Beg me to release your life
Slaughtered child
How could your lord allow him to die?

Placid world once alive
Dig your grave and jump inside
Never trust, never love
Dig your grave it's just as such
You weakened hearts are torn to shreds
A lying beast now has your hea

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Thiago Souza

@FearMyScribbles I'm never gonna argue the man's talent, that I won't ever do lol. I was actually into a lot of his side work as well. The band he was playing after Pantera had a solid style.

His grooves were hits or misses for me for some particular reason. He wrote some of the catchiest stuff but some others just didn't do it for me. Same thing when it comes to solos. The most popular songs like CFH and Cemetery Gates. I love the solo and power chords on Cemetery but the riff in CFH is very catchy, the solo for me didn't do much.

His solo in CG was similar to something Joe Satriani or Kirk would come up with Melody wise.

I wish he got into more of the virtuosic side of music because his biggest influence was EVH, who was born studying music. Too bad Darrell said himself he was lazy when it came to that shit lol!

He would have been definitely playing on G3 or something.

Too bad a lot of the career in groove or thrash metal is very chaotic when it comes to the fanbase and the music industry. I think he would have a solo guitar career if he put his mind into it and tried to advance more than he already knew.

All comments from YouTube:

Alexander Adrian Vargas

The Pope resigned after listening to this.

Marshall Tucker

Dude hung his hat up after this


Desecrator is one of the most underrated metal songs ever.Incredible

Tríko Chavez

These guys just became one of my favorite bands


Hi - 5 brother

Nelson Joseph

Triko Chavez welcome, friend!

Mark Jaramillo

Kyle Thomas was fucking VICIOUS! on this album! One of the baddest frontmen ever! even if it was for a short time (2 albums).

BubbA StEvE LaRiZ

The Man's vocals had the Swagger of a Large Jungle Cat and the lunge of one sinking it's teeth into the Throat of it's Prey while the Music was the unsettled Jungle its self,untamed Savagery and the back drop for the Kill!

Eric Anonymoose

Don't forget about his work with Alabama Thunderpussy. Not Exhorder but listenable.


Exhorder is awesome. Pantera is awesome. Exhorder is way more thrash than Pantera. Their groove element exists, but is overblown. Exhorder is also groovier than most thrash bands..

Dumb feuds only exist between childish fans. The bands are this day. Phil consistently gives exhorder props.

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